Duke Dumont @ Oceana

Last night saw Duke Dumont perform a set at Oceana night club Southampton. As a fan of his two hit singles ‘ I Got U’ and ‘ Need You 100%’, I was quick to purchase tickets and I wasn’t disappointed. Although he didn’t make an appearance until nearly 2, since I was told he was coming on at 1, it was definitely worth the wait.


The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and the dance floor was packed. Luckily we got quite near the front (even though it doesn’t look like it) and were actually able to see the man himself. His set consisted of ‘The Giver’ , ‘Need You 100%’, ‘ I Got U’, a remix of ‘Bump and Grind’ and many more. I didn’t stay for all of the set but I got some pictures and videos which you can check out below.



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