5 Albums I’m Enjoying Right Now


I have been a fan of Coldplay for a while now. You could say I was late to join the party on this one but not with this album. As a proud owner of all their other albums, I can safely say this one just about tops them all. It is beautifully written and produced by none other than Chris Martin himself and includes the brilliant singles ‘Magic’ and ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. Another favourite of mine is ‘Midnight’ which uses a harp like instrument and the power of light during the track to make the music. (Don’t ask me how I saw it on the documentary about them.) So anyway, if you are a fan of Coldplay or even not, I think you will be surprised at the versatility of this album and impressed with the sound and how well it all flows. Chilled but totally stunning.



Louisa Allen better known as Foxes has been around for a while but has now finally gained the recognition she deserves. This was recommended to me by a friend so I listened to the album and really liked it. The tracks ‘Let Go For Tonight’ and ‘White Coats’ are my favourites and showcase the stunning range of her voice. The album, although flows well, has a variety of genres attached to it that makes each and every song individual from the likes of pop to indie to slow, haunting ballads. It is truly an easy, enjoyable listen for the ears that I’m sure will turn out to be one of the albums of the year.



Again, late to join the band wagon but after hearing this album for the first time I was instantly hooked and it isn’t hard to see why. English, indie rock band, The Vaccines, have performed in a town close to where I live which I missed out on the opportunity to go and see and am now kicking myself for but hopefully another tour is on the cards for this great band. Justin Hayward-Young has a brilliant voice and lends himself to the vocals for each and every song on the album.  After many listens, I still can’t get enough of this album and just love the sound they produce. Some of my favourites are ‘Do You Wanna’ and ‘Wetsuit’.



This band has often been hit or miss with me since some of their stuff I am not really a fan of but I really like this album. They have brilliant and unique voices which can reach a broad range and the Scottish accent is evident throughout which sounds so good. I think I underestimated how much success Biffy Clyro had gained which seems to be a lot from 5 hit albums, their album Puzzles going gold and performing at Reading festival. They really do deserve all this success since this album and many of their others are great and remind us that rock bands in the 21st Century are still as good as they were 10, 20 years ago. Some of my favourites from the album are ‘Black Chandelier’, ‘Mountains’ and ‘Biblical’. To be honest, I also love their album ‘Only Revolutions’ too which is just as good as this album if not better actually but I’ve reviewed this one now so you know.



I was going to choose one of Fall Out Boy’s Album’s for my last album but ahead of the release of Lana’s new album, ‘Shades of Cool’, I couldn’t resist including this amazing album in my list. It has always been one of my favourites and still remains so. Del Rey has such a hauntingly beautiful voice that it’s hard to resist her deadpan, drawling voice in standout tracks such as ‘Born to Die’, ‘Video Games’ and my all-time favourite ‘Dark Paradise’. She has received a lot of criticism in the past couple of years about her dramatic life and image change which I personally think is uncalled for since her voice is timeless and she makes beautiful music so who are we to judge?

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