5 Songs That Have Become Too Mainstream



However much I like this song, I can’t help but think it is not only overplayed but has been used for the likes of TOWIE and various other shows like that. As a fan of Clean Bandit before they released this massive hit, I just wish they had stayed a bit more unknown for longer so they could really develop their name as an indie artist. I feel that now that they have strayed into the public sphere that their music is going to carry on being commercialised rubbish and that is not what they started out as. Although I don’t mind their new song ‘Extraordinary’ I prefer their older music such as ‘Dust Clears’ which is how , in my opinion, they should sound.




Yet another song which I’m sure will be overly commercialized in time which is a shame since it has such potential to be more! Luckily, it hasn’t been too overplayed for me yet although it is on every music channel you look at and played in all the clubs. I really hope she isn’t just a one hit wonder like so many other artists in the charts right now because she’s got a stunning voice and ‘Hideaway’ is a great debut.




This is another band which I knew long before this song came out thanks to work and although I wasn’t sure on this song at first, it’s definitely grown on me and become another of my favourites along with their song ‘C O O L’ which is just effortlessly well… cool. They collaborate with some great artists and although they don’t have an album, I think they will soon. They played in a Brighton club over the Easter break which I am sorry I missed and also signifies that they are becoming more mainstream but I just hope they keep their flair that they’ve always had.




I’m not sure this is the best example but in my opinion I think this song wasn’t intended to be as big as it has got. Played in almost every club I’ve been to and continuously played on the likes of Capital radio and Heart, this song is contagiously catchy yet honestly quite annoying due to its overexposure. Their music has an indie sound to it yet strays into the ‘poposphere’ quite frequently especially on their earlier albums. I bought their new album for a reason I can’t quite recall and it is pretty good but I think just that song has become too mainstream and I hope it’s not their downfall. However, their new song ‘Love Runs Out’ is really good so hopefully they aren’t doomed.




I really don’t like this remix, not because I think it’s bad or anything because it’s actually good but because I have been a big fan of Lana Del Rey for a few years now and the remix just ruins the tone of the song. She has a brilliantly unique voice and her album is one of my favourites but this song just does do justice to her voice or credit her as a singer. Also, like the others, it’s stupidly overplayed in clubs and on Radio 1. I don’t think it will ruin her as a singer because she has got a new album coming out soon which I hope won’t disappoint.

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