Are Pet Names Acceptable?

So I was having a highly amusing conversation about pet names with my boyfriend the other day and it made me think about the things people call each other in relationships and whether we go uh a bit overboard with the terms of endearments we choose.

Personally, I don’t really like the idea of pet names except for a select few such as ‘darling’ and ‘dear’ which are okay. Things I won’t accept are ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ because I think they are just plain cringey, only one of my good friends is allowed to call me ‘babe’ haha!

I don’t have anything against those of you who wish to call each other pet names but I’m just not one for it myself. It may make you feel special but I can never bring myself to actually use one unless it’s actually for one of my pets and even then I still feel a bit silly.

I was looking online and was surprised by the big list of pet names used for our other halves. Some were just truly shocking…

  • Baby-cakes: I mean, seriously, come on, doesn’t this just remind you of that awful song they used to play at the school disco?! It’s not even sweet it’s beyond cringey and makes it sound like you are talking to a 3 year old. Definite no no. The boyfriend was not impressed either…
  • Sweet cheeks: I think the fact that this refers to a part of the body makes it that much more cringey so this one is also ruled out.
  • Dreamboat: Used to describe a guy, I found this one hilarious but would never even think about using it. It sounds very old fashioned and something your grandparents used once and thought better of.
  • Hot Stuff: Again, just no!
  • Cuddle muffin: This just makes me laugh way too much, I don’t even know what to say. If there’s anyone out there that has used this then I’d like to meet you!

So that’s my pick of some of the worst ones. In fact I’ve thought of a few more that I don’t mind such as ‘gorgeous’ or ‘beautiful’ but then again they aren’t really pet names. I found a good article on the Daily Mail which I thought summed up my argument quite well. Let me just say though, David Beckham’s nickname is a classic. Although a bit weird that they would announce that to everyone but whatever.

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