Are There Any Perks of Being a Wallflower?

The answer to this question ultimately is no. This film clarifies that being a teenager sucks for the most part. You have to be loud and outgoing to be noticed and accepted by your peers both of which fifteen year old Charlie (Logan Lerman) is neither of. The only people who accept him are two seniors; Patrick (Erza Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson). The film follows these three unfortunate students through the ups and downs of life not really providing any dramatic situations only frustration at Charlie for not admitting his feelings for Sam sooner as she leaves for university.

The opening credits create a promising expectation of a low budget indie film that should be thought provoking and sweet but for me I found the outcome sorely disappointing. The film was a conventional teenager flick that didn’t delve deep enough into the characters lives and skipped over its themes such as shyness, being gay and abuse which could have made it a great film if they had been explored in more detail.

There were some “perks” including the performance by Emma Watson who was refreshing to see in a role other than Hermione in Harry Potter. She put on a good American accent too. Paul Rudd also starred as Charlie’s teacher and got given the best piece of dialogue that went something like this: ” We only accept the love we think we deserve”. Now that’s thought provoking. Also, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the music, especially the track played in the truck whilst Sam is standing in the back with her arms out. It just seemed to fit beautifully. The idea of having her stand in the truck with her arms out was good as well but overall I wasn’t impressed with the film as a whole. Maybe I was expecting it to be something else or maybe I should read the book. Perhaps it was a stunning film but I simply failed to connect with it. Is that the case? Let me know what you think…

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