A decent film showcasing the dangers of chat rooms which results in a bleak ending. It is cleverly made with a group of teenagers who set up a chat room called ‘Chelsea Teens!’ and it’s shown as an actual room with the characters sitting around chatting. The metaphor works well although the actors can sound quite robotic at times. Some aspects such as the random cartoon videos of the characters are slightly weird and un necessary and Aaron Johnson’s character William is disturbing, making you think how influential the internet can be. It’s almost a wake up call as to how dangerous chat rooms are as these teenagers embark on a twisted journey of friendship and betrayal.

The characters are incredibly insecure and the film delves nicely into their backgrounds of geeky young girl Emily, bad girl Eva and drug addict Jim. William, on the other hand is manipulative and seeks out Jim as a victim. He offers to help Jim stop taking drugs by giving him advice but it turns into abuse and William’s intentions are clear as he tries to destroy Jim through the virtual world. All the other characters are cut off from Jim online by William and the chase moves to reality.

There are some serious messages portrayed in this film about what people really use the internet for and it deals with the morbid theme of suicide. Overall, it is a film with great potential that delivers exactly what it says; a chat room and nothing more. It could be so much more but is worth a watch if you enjoyed the likes of The Social Network which is a lot better.

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