Cloud Atlas

I have wanted to see this film for a long time and after receiving it as a present for Christmas or my birthday (I can’t remember which!) I finally got round to watching it last night and now declare it my favourite film of the year so far. I wasn’t completely sure I’d like it as it’s a fantasy film and I prefer true life films or thrillers.¬†However, it was fantastic and held me captivated the whole way through. One word of warning though, the trailer and the front cover of the DVD leads you to believe it could be a film for all the family including children but it’s really not. There is some gore and swearing throughout which I wasn’t expecting. I thought it might be reminiscent of The Hunger Games/ Avatar sort of thing but I guess the 15 certification will keep kids away (or most of them anyway).

The film boasts a great cast including the always amazing, Tom Hanks who plays an assortment of characters like his female counterpart Halle Berry. Hugh Grant also stars (a personal favourite of mine- no idea why), Jim Broadbent and Susan Sarandon to name a few. Hanks and Berry are the two main leads and take on a variety of characters who span across different century’s including a warrior tribe, a journalist and lawyer in the 70s and a futuristic land.

It introduces each strand and sets up the characters, jumping from each. There seems to be no correlation between the stories in the beginning which is frustrating and may lead some people to give up (mum!) but just go with it and it begins to make sense. My favourite strand is set in Cambridge in 1936 and stars Ben Whishaw and his partner who is meant to be Tom Hanks but isn’t played by him. It follows the life of a young gay couple who have to hide their relationship(relevant) because it was looked down upon in that century. Frobisher (Ben Wihshaw) is a composer and starts working for an old composer, writing down the music he hums from ear. He names it ‘The Cloud Atlas Sextet’ but the old composer wants to take credit for Frobisher’s work and threatens to expose his relationship if he resists. The story strand is very sad and that’s only one of them.

It was filmed beautifully from the idealistic sets of the future to the eerie lighting in the lift scene in the 70s. Everything was taken into consideration and each set was compelling. It is definitely a film that will stay with you long after you’ve watched it.

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