As a person who prefers true life films or thrillers, I have always overlooked cartoons and deemed them as kids films. There have been a few exceptions such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc. which are timeless, personal favourites of mine. Frozen was recommended to me by my sister and after hearing it was Disney and also a musical, how could I refuse?

Frozen is an example of what made Disney so great. A box office hit, gaining a whooping $67,391,326 on its opening weekend, it has gone on to be a family favourite for many. It is on the same level as other family favourites such as Finding Nemo and dare I compare it to the movie giant that is Toy Story? I think it deserves that much credit since it is a brilliant film that keeps you hooked the whole way through.

It follows the lives of orphaned sisters, Anna and Elsa who have to keep control of their kingdom after their parents pass away. The two sisters have always been close and they spend days carelessly playing with Elsa’s gift to turn everything frozen but after a near death accident involving Anna nearly freezing to death, Elsa isolates herself away from her sister much to Anna’s disappointment and confusion over what she has done to be ignored.

It is a non stop adventure of friendship, family, love and uh music. Olaf the Snowman is a definite highlight of the film. He is a funny, sweet, loveable character whom Elsa created as a child and comes back to life somehow. He helps Anna find Elsa after she dissapears, due to hearing of her sister’s hasty engagement, along with Kristoff, a friendly mountain traveller and Sven the adorably cute reindeer.

There are some great songs like “Let it Go” which has had various coverage in You Tube videos of Disney character impersonations and other tunes such as “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” Overall, it is a must watch for everyone young and old as it is a feel good adventure that will make you smile and remind you why Disney still haven’t lost their magic.

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