So you haven’t text us for a good 2-3 days and we have no idea why. We haven’t done anything wrong (well not that we’re aware of anyway…) and we always end up texting you because ya know we actually do care about you despite what you might think. We check our phone for like the 50th time that day and oh look a text from you! We reply and expect one straight back but oh no. So we wait and wait and wait… still waiting when eventually 2 hours later you reply. It’s short, straight to the point and effectively ends the conversation.

What we don’t understand is, why start the conversation if you want to end it just like that? We get the impression that you want to talk to us and then you just chuck it in our face. Also we like some emotion in texts rather than just plain words. Even if it’s just a ‘haha’ to let us know you find it funny… smiley faces go a long way too. Oh and what’s with the kisses thing? You probably don’t even think twice about it but we damn well do! One minute you put a load, making us feel all special then the next we get a measly two or three… what is that?! How can your feelings towards us change in a matter of seconds? Is it something we said? Should we stop and analyse every single word of your text then create different scenarios as to why there is a lack of kisses? Maybe we should go through every single text you have ever sent us and work out what went wrong?

The fact is guys, when you don’t text us back quick enough panic over rides all of our common sense and we expect the worst. I think you know what I mean. Are you texting another girl? Are you with her? Kissing her? Cheating on us? Flirting with someone? Thinking of breaking up with us? Quick let’s analyse that text we sent again…

Quick tip, texting us good morning is always a winner. It means we are the first thing you think about when you wake up. (Even if we’re not, it’s nice to think we are by this small gesture. Don’t ruin it for us.) Another tip, don’t appear online on Facebook if you haven’t replied to our text. This deeply pisses us off.

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