The Bourne Identity

I have wanted to watch this film for so long and I finally got the chance in the Easter holidays to sit down and see it. I have seen the most recent instalment in the franchise which was The Bourne Legacy. It was a reboot starring Jeremy Renner and I didn’t really like it as I found it boring which also delayed me and gave me doubts about watching this one.


However everyone knows the originals¬†are always the best as this one was and which is also why I won’t watch the new Doctor Who or Spiderman series but that’s another story. Matt Damon, has always been one of those actors who I kind of like and dislike because of his choice of roles but I was pleasantly surprised by his portrayal of Jason Bourne. Although it is a word I don’t like, he was truly believable as someone suffering from extreme memory loss to the point where he genuinely has no idea who he is.

You start to feel sorry for the poor guy as he battles against a CIA conspiracy who are trying to kill every single identity he has, not that he can remember any of these. He befriends a German woman called Marie who he offers $20,000 to drive him to Paris. Agents come and ambush them at an apartment in Paris and Bourne fights with the agent. Marie finds wanted posters and pictures of herself and Bourne in the agent’s bag whilst the agent jumps out the window to his death.

In shock, they flee the apartment as quick as they can. The film follows Bourne and Marie as they embark on  a journey to find his real identity and overthrow the conspiracy threatening to kill them. There is a lot of action that never fails to keep you captivated throughout the whole film and the cast make it a brilliant watch. Definitely a must see for action fans and even a family with teenagers.

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