The Wolf of Wall Street

After having mixed feelings about seeing this film, I was glad I finally went to see it. It’s a mixture of action, politics and even comedy which I wasn’t expecting. It combined a sharp, witty script with strong performances from leading actors; Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill.

Di Caprio plays Jordan Belfort, a young graduate who has just started making his way in the stock broking world. He narrates the majority of the film, showing his success within the firm and the life he leads because of it. He soon becomes integrated into the firm after taking the advice of boss, Mark Hanna, (Matthew McConaughey) to take cocaine and have sex to succeed. However he loses his job due to bankruptcy of the firm and has to move elsewhere.

He is introduced to penny stocks where he befriends Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) and they decide to go into business together. The firm called Stratton Oak soon escalates wildly out of control due to endless parties, sex and drugs ending up as Jordan being a drug addict.

The film provides an exciting yet interesting portrayal of how an extravagant lifestyle can be great but eventually all come crashing down. The firm is being investigated by the police for some of the dodgy deals they were making and the behaviour of its employees. Jordan is later arrested for 36 months after there is so much evidence against him.

My favourite scene is when Jordan takes some drugs that Donnie offers him. He drives to a payphone at a country club to tell his private investigator that his money courier (Brad) has been arrested. The drugs begin to kick in and Jordan has to struggle into his car to tell Donnie not to use his phone. However, Donnie is already on the phone,high, to their Swiss Banker. Jordan fights with him to make him get off the phone and ends up saving Donnie’s life after he chokes on some ham.

Overall, this film is a big success due to stand out performances from Di Caprio and Hill and the exciting plot. Some many say it glamorises a life of drugs but it is all done very stylishly and shows the consequences of what that life leads to. A must for everyone even if it is 3 hours long.

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