‘A Boyfriend For The Winter’

This happens to be one of many pet hates I have and I actually haven’t heard anyone say this for a long time which I am grateful for. I don’t understand why girls say this. Yeah we all get why but it’s not like a boyfriend won’t be there for the rest of the year? Duh. So you won’t want them when Summer comes? Oh what was that? That wasn’t what you meant? Sure…

Yeah okay Christmas is during the Winter and people like to be in relationships around this time which is fine but complaining that you want ‘someone to cuddle during the cold months’ and not really want anything more is a bit pathetic don’t you think? Also, I am aware this phrase is often said as a joke which I guess is kinda funny (I do have a sense of humour honest- ask anyone I know) but it does come across a little desperate.

Alright so I might be a bit biased since I’m in a relationship but even when I wasn’t, I still wouldn’t dream of using that phrase just well because it’s quite cringey.

However, I found a brilliant post on a website called ‘The Hair Pin’ which was a complete mickey take of ‘The Winter Boyfriend’. It sums up all the stereotypes that we would literally assume a winter boyfriend would possess. Funny, I think so.  Take a look here: http://thehairpin.com/2010/12/the-winter-boyfriend


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