Is Our Life Really Down To Fate?

Don’t you often wonder what your life would be like if you made different decisions? I for one find myself wondering this and think it’s crazy that I could be at a completely different point in my life right now. Would I be as happy as I am now? Even happier? I would say I’m pretty happy with how my life has panned out so far but is it bad to question what if?

When you are younger, all decisions are made by your parents and you have no control over your life. You are fed, dressed, made to stay by their side and put into a primary school of their choice but as we get older we become more independent and able to choose for ourselves.

I think the first big decision I made in my life was choosing to go to a different college to most of my friends. It was simply because I liked the other college better but I never contemplated how much my life would change away from them. Although I made new friends, I didn’t really enjoy the two years I spent there and often wondered what life would have been like if I’d gone to the other college instead. However, I’m glad I didn’t since it forced me to be more independent by taking two buses to get there every day and forcing me to make new friends. I learnt things about myself and others and came out with some decent grades which got me into my Uni of first choice.

Again, this was another decision which I needed to make and it happened to be a good one. I choose it because of the course and tried not to think about the moving away part. Up until about a week before, I was raring to go but I began to realise I would really miss my family, friends and all those home comforts.

The thing is we need to trust our instincts. My instincts pulled me towards that college for a reason and guided me towards the right Uni where I have met some brilliant people and confirmed the career path I want to follow. I have trusted my instincts through my emotions which has made me make the right decisions in my personal life. The same goes for articles I write, things I do even to the meals I make. I think there is such a thing as fate but we need to learn to take risks in life to achieve what we want to. I think most people can admit it is scary to do this at times and personally I have never been a fan of change therefore it takes me a while to adapt to new situations but by moving away to Uni or accepting that new job I have come out of my comfort zone.

Life is more interesting when we make things happen but is there really a set plan for our lives to follow? Can we change our fate? Let me know what you think…


  1. 16/07/14 / 7:09 pm

    Love your post! It’s SO important to challenge the norm and take risks. Only after you try new things will you know how you personally feel towards them. I actually just published a piece discussing the necessity of facing everyday fears… feel free to check it out! 🙂

  2. Kerrie
    22/07/14 / 11:00 am

    Aw thank you 🙂 I agree, by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone you might discover something you love (and by my experiences I normally do!) I will check it out!

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