What If

There is never normally much on at the cinema over the summer with the exception of The Inbetweeners of course so it was rare that I actually found something that I wanted to watch. Not one for rom-coms, I was slightly wary about going to see this, add to the fact that Daniel Radcliffe was the main lead and you have a film that I will not watch.

However, it was not your typical rom-com nor did it star the young, stuttering Harry Potter. What If offers a mature look at what relationships have become and how far friendships can be tested in your twenties. Reminiscent of 500 Days of Summer, it takes a kooky approach since it is mostly character driven and focuses on the simplistic pleasures in life such as Fools Gold (you’ll see) and camping.

We are firstly introduced to Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe). Wallace is an intelligent, sarcastic, medical school dropout whose track record isn’t so great. He meets the beautiful, kooky Chantry (Zoe Kazan) at a party who shares his same offbeat humour and a friendship begins involving magnetic letters on a fridge  (cooler than it sounds). There of course has to be a twist which is the fact that Chantry has a boyfriend. Deciding this doesn’t matter since they get on so well, the pair decide to be friends.

The script is so sharply written that I found myself laughing at every single gag, enraptured by the chemistry between the two. There is not one fault I could find during the film except the fact that they probably wouldn’t have become that close if she’d had a boyfriend. Despite his best efforts, Wallace finds himself falling for Chantry much to Chantry’s obliviousness. However, she is much more focused on her boyfriend leaving for Dublin on a business trip.

Taking advice from his roommate Allan, who is in a relationship, Wallace decides he just needs to move on. Chantry has a boyfriend and he doesn’t want to split them apart. As an audience, we can tell they are just perfect for each other though and boyfriend Ben seems to be worlds away from what Chantry deserves.

The film deals with real life, suggesting that maybe love is really right in front of you in the form of your best friend and that you have to let go of those who aren’t going to be there for you.  The two main leads really bring life to this story and it’s refreshing to see Daniel Radcliffe in such a different role. A definite must for those who like 500 Days of Summer or those who just want a sweet love story.




  1. 31/08/14 / 5:33 pm

    Looking forward to seeing this film! Great review…Everyone I’ve talked to whose seen it has said good things. I really enjoyed 500 Days of Summer, so interested to see how it compares.

    • Kerrie
      31/08/14 / 5:56 pm

      Ah thanks 🙂 Yeah it is really good, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Just as good as 500 Days of Summer in my opinion.

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