Game Of Thrones: Season 5

The eagerly anticipated 5th series of Game of Thrones hit our screens on Monday and it proved to be a captivating introduction to what is set to be an exciting series. It begins with a flashback of a young Cersei having her future told by a witch. She tells her that she’ll marry a king but the three children she have won’t survive which has us questioning how long young Tommen will remain on the throne.

Now that one of the most powerful figures in Westeros, Tywin Lannister, is dead, it remains to be seen who is going to take over his wealth of power. Worried for their position in King’s Landing, Jaime and Cersei Lannister discuss how to remain in power without the presence of their father and Cersei is determined nothing is going to change:  “They’re going to try to take it away, all of it, all of them out there, our enemies.”

Meanwhile in Meeren, Daenerys is flourishing as ruler of their city but is finding it hard to accept some of their culture. Violent fighting has broken out between the former slaves and former slave masters, battling for revenge and they are rallying everyone who opposes the queen.  A ‘fighting pit’ is in demand but she denies the people the right to have it since she banished such behaviour when burning the Masters. Daenerys’s three dragons, which are chained up in the caverns underneath the city, are now massive and have become uncontrollable and she can no longer use them to help her defeat her enemies.

We are then shown the fate of standout character, Tyrion Lannister, who is responsible for shooting his father Tywin. He has fled across the narrow sea to Pentos with no plans for the future. Accompanying him and to thank for his escape is Varys. Varys tells him of a plan to get Daenerys on the Iron Throne and Tyrion agrees to go with him to Meeren. This should be exciting for future episodes as two plot lines crossover and it will be interesting to see how two opinionated characters such as these interact.

Over in the North, the Baratheon’s arrive at the wall unexpectedly. They enlist Jon Snow whom they know is close to the feral and unpredictable Wildings clan, to strike a deal with their leader Mance Rayder. The Baratheon’s wish to create a bigger army with the help of the Wildings and overthrow the Lannister’s so they can lay claim to the Iron Throne. However, Mance Rayder refuses to help the Baratheon’s despite Jon Snow trying to persuade him but he explains to Jon: “I respect him. If he gets what he wants, I expect he’ll be a better ruler than the fools sitting on the Iron Throne the last hundred years, but I’ll never serve him.”

Rayder is then burned alive for refusing with the audience of the Wildings, the Nights Watch and the Baratheon’s watching. It is a sombre moment underpinned by the agony of Jon Snow watching someone he respects so much; have to suffer in front of his army. Therefore, what Jon does next is not surprising and completely justifiable. He shoots Mance Rayder in the chest to make his death quicker and stop his suffering.

Then the screen goes black and that’s the end of episode one. There is no telling of what is going to come next in the Game of Thrones saga and we can only guess what will happen when Tyrion and Daenerys meet or how the Baratheon’s will plan to overthrow the Lannister’s. We haven’t even seen the fate of the remaining Stark’s except a brief scene between Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish.  Here’s to episode two.

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