Pitch Perfect 2

I love the first film in this series and was way too excited when it was announced there was to be a second. Like all good debut films, the follow up always turns out to be a disappointment so I was really hoping this wasn’t the case with Pitch Perfect since it actually made singing acapella seem cool unlike Glee which makes me cringe. It wasn’t a disappointment and stuck to what it knew which most films make the mistake in straying away from. We don’t want something wildly different just fresh enough that it keeps us entertained and that’s exactly what the Barden Bellas offer.

Back for seconds is the hugely talented and unfairly attractive Anna Kendrick who plays Beca Mitchell and she is looking decidedly more feminine than in the first film. The rest of the team join her including Chloe and the ever hilarious and outrageous Fat Amy played by the awesome Rebel Wilson. There is definitely a lot more humour in this film compared to the last which is refreshing to see although at times it got a bit much.

The film opens with the girls performing for the president and his wife but all goes astray when Fat Amy gets caught up in her bungee and ends up flashing the president, his wife and millions of viewers across the country. The worst thing is, she isn’t wearing any underwear…awkward. In disgrace, the Bardem Bellas are banned from performing but Beca manages to strike a deal with the judges that if they win the nationals in Germany, they are allowed to perform in competitions again. The judges assure them they have no chance of winning against German champions ‘Das Sound Machine’ who are the best accapella group in the world.

Determined to do what they can to win, the girls set out to practising as hard as they can. However, head Bella, Becas’ mind is somewhere else. She is secretly attending an internship at a recording studio without telling the other Bellas in fear they will think she is betraying the group. It is distracting her though as she isn’t preparing any material for the Bellas and the rest of the girls start to get suspicious. Another girl is recruited to the group who has just started at Bardem and boasts of her mother’s influence in the Bellas when she attended Bardem. Emily Junk is outspoken and slightly eccentric but rightfully gains her place in the Bellas due to her stunning voice.

After watching the German group perform, the girls really see what they are up against and try not to let it dampen their spirits. Instead, they pack in more performances including at an old people’s home where again, disaster ensues and they are left in disgrace. Meanwhile, Beca is impressing the boss at the recording studio by coming up with a back beat for Snoop Dog’s Christmas song. The boss offers to listen to some of her work but isn’t impressed by Becas mashups and tells her to be more original. Beca enlists the help of Emily and they record a song Emily wrote which the boss believes has potential. One more mash up happens and the girls take the final step in preparation for nationals. A spa retreat.

Unknowingly, fellow Bella Audrey runs the woodland spa retreat after graduating from Bardem the year before and welcomes the girls whilst scolding them on their embarrassing behaviour. She agrees to help them out and what was meant to be a relaxing spa retreat turns into a team building camp to help the girls find their ‘sound’. They traipse through mud, climb trees, swing on tyres and practise harmonising, all with the help of Audrey. Beca begins to get frustrated and doesn’t see how this is helping them get better. Chloe finally confronts her and asks why she’s being so distant. Fat Amy, who has known all along probes Beca to tell them and Beca gives in and confesses about the internship. Chloe is angry that Beca couldn’t confide in her and annoyed, Beca makes the point that this will be the last year as a Bella for most of them and shouldn’t they be thinking about the future?

Reunited once again, the girls realise they can’t even begin to think about graduating without singing together one more time and beating ‘Das Sound Machine’. Copenhagen is calling and we are introduced to two new relationships: Fat Amy and Bouncer who have been on/off the whole way through and cute couple Emily and Benji. It is time though once Das Sound Machine have finished their impeccable set, for the Bellas to take to the stage. Everyone  is holding their breaths as they know how the Bellas have disgraced themselves previously. However, they provide a knockout performance which is made extra special by some helpers which I won’t spoil and I won’t spoil the ending either.

A feel good, fun packed, laugh out loud film to see with your friends. Does justice to the previous film and leaves it potentially open for a third. Acaawesome! 😉


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