Why Technology Is Ruining Relationships

So I read an article recently by Nev Schulman from Catfish about how modern technology is ruining relationships and I have to say I agree with him. Where has the art of dating gone? Read my post on that here to refresh your mind: https://theworldaccordingtokerrie.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/the-art-of-dating/. Where has the original form of meeting people in bars and café’s gone? That courage men pluck up to ask for a girls number because she gave them extra tomato sauce or chatted to them in the queue at the bar. That’s the way it should be but no, instead people meet each other online by creating extravagant profiles, stalk each others Facebook pages before deciding or snoop through their instagram account to see how attractive they are.

I have to admit, I have looked at people’s Facebook page to know a bit more about them but I wouldn’t go so far as to dismissing them for a date due to one online profile. Looking at my own profile, I realised it gave away a lot about me, my age, where I work, live, my education, what films I like, the events I’m going to. It’s never ending what you can find out online but is that really me? Yes all of that information is true but the real me is a lot more reserved than what I post online and I’m sure that’s the same for many others. We can be anyone and if we are chatting to someone we like, we can often develop a fake persona to impress them. I realised I could be funnier, more intelligent and act like I knew exactly what they were talking about all because of my good friend called Google. It’s a cheat I know but if talking about a typical action film and referring to the actors in it, I could easily look it up and be like ‘oh yeah Brad Pitt was excellent in that, I loved the scene where…’ having never actually watched the film.

It’s not only easy access to information that ruins relationships but you’d never guess it; Snapchat. It may seem like a small significant point but how many times have you got a little jealous because you don’t happen to be in your boyfriends top 3 friends on Snapchat? It doesn’t even matter but taking pictures of yourself in every pose possible and sending them to people seems quite intimate don’t you think? Also, being able to see when they’ve opened said chat and don’t reply… date over.

Don’t even get me started on Tinder. You can find that article wrote for yourself. I find it a very degrading app that has made us even more conscious of our appearance. A lot of the lines are very sleazy and a Tinder chat has never ended up with people talking to each other in a nice, relaxed manner let alone a date. This is the same with online dating. I know it works for some people but the amount of information required from your starsign to what date you have your period (I’m joking, they don’t really ask that, or do they?!) You tell me but my point is these sites give you nothing to talk about on a date because is was all there in front of you.

Instagram also documents every single moment of your life which defeats the object of actually telling someone and even texting is a lazy way of avoiding conversation. That one can stay though. Making plans has become so much easier because of phones and creating polished versions of ourselves has become so much easier. Mistakes can be deleted at a push of a button and ‘flaws’ can be eliminated with a swipe of the mouse. So what’s actually going on in the world of dating now? We’ve all become a lot lazier but all is not lost. I still go on dates thankfully and they don’t always include technology. We spend a lot more time on our phones than I’d like. Whether it’s watching stupid videos or documenting what we are doing for the rest of Facebook to see. It all seems pretty normal to do.

Technology passes time, it makes things easier, it puts hundreds of applications in one place and lets us stay connected to friends and family at all times but it’s ruining dating. No one goes out to meet people anymore, they meet them through the aid of technology, then decide if they want to take it further. We are all guilty of it but that isn’t the way it should be. So put down your phone for a day and go out with your friends. Meet people and live life to the full. You never know who you may encounter.

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