Things You Should Know Before Dating The Crazy Girl

Okay, so I’m not ridiculously crazy but for those of you who know me you will know I’m clutzy, clumsy, forgetful, laugh at myself, make stupid jokes, never stop babbling and just act a bit crazy in every situation. I feel sorry for everyone in my life to be honest. There are also many people who think I’m perfectly normal. I work with these oblivious people, I’m completely different in that environment because I don’t think I’d get any work done otherwise and succeeding at what I do is kind of important to me. It does mean a lot of you think I’m shy. I can be but once you get to know me, you will wish I’d just shut up probably haha.

So what should you know before dating crazy said girl? Hmm…

1. Singing

This happens not only in the shower but when I get up, when I’m going out, when I’m washing up, when I’m driving, when I’m bored, when I blog and before I go to bed. Wow, I didn’t realise it was that much! Oh, also when I’m feeling sad to cheer me up. Singing is probably what I’d call a hobby of mine since I don’t have many. I’m not great granted but I do a pretty good Taylor Swift impression and I’ve pretty much nailed Ellie Goulding’s husky voice. This may not be that crazy you may be thinking but with this singing comes the dancing and that is about ten times worse than my voice. In the car, my bed and when on my laptop it is only head bobbing obvs but a few arm movements are thrown in there to mix it up too (not in the car though, I’m a fantastic driver.) The craziest part about my singing is how I might sing in a normal conversation. Some might say I’m destined for the likes of High School Musical or Glee. Talking about holding my hand? Bring on the Beatles! Upset about that bitchy comment on Facebook? Shake it off like Taylor 😉

2. Embarrassing myself in social situations

I seem to do this quite often. Not so much as I’ve gotten older luckily but I’ve had a few crackers. Few tips from me: don’t say ‘ I learnt that from reading Cosmo!’ proudly, it’s not cool! Concentrate when eating so you don’t end up with it all in your lap and don’t drink so many fizzy alcoholic beverages that you sit there unable to talk, afraid you are going to throw up on everyone!! Also, listen to what people are saying otherwise misinterpretations can be risky and very embarrassing. Oh you said condiments! Not… oh never mind!

3. Life is a rollercoaster

…just gotta ride it. Slipping in a cheeky bit of Ronan there. So yeah, when you are a bit crazy, life is crazy with you. It is so fast that even crazy old you can only just keep up with it. You do everything quickly to get to the fun bits and only then do you want time to slow down for a bit. At the end of the week you tend to crash in bed and not wake up until mid day because work, friends, family, boyfriends, errands and just life in general booked themselves into your schedule and had you going back and forth all week until you forgot what your bed looked like and your house became less like a hotel and more like that place where you are nagged to pick up your stuff so the dog won’t eat it.

4. Being with your friends is like crazy central

Most of your friends are of the same crazy nature because if they weren’t, why would they want to be your friend? When you’re with them crazy is almost normal. You aren’t a young adult anymore, more like prepubescent teen, but it doesn’t matter because you’re having a good time. Going to the pub is a frequent thing with our group and everything becomes hilarious to us girls after a few drinks. We become a bit bolder and are able to tell confirm to that woman that yes she does have a bit of a moustache! You know who you are 😉 and very personal stories get shared that are never allowed to leave the group. Then comes the club and madness ensues. I love the loud music and crazy dancing and singing is my thing. They should invent crazy clubs!

5. Normal things become crazy

A date to a restaurant and the cinema becomes an ordeal of me babbling about how I got shut in the fridge at work, the world record for the longest wee and how Jon Snow knows nothing and will it be the same in the film we are about to watch? (Spooks) Yep true story, that’s normal conversation for me! Trips to nice places like castles or cider farms when on holiday turn into me posing in a helmet or playing on the swings. Trip to the seaside, arcade found and 2p machine it is and spend all your money until you win something only worth about ten of those 2ps you wasted and it breaks on the journey home 🙁

So there you have it. An insight into my crazy life and the things my poor boyfriend has to put up with! Don’t expect a normal birthday card from me, ever!

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