20 Joys of being 20

I’m 20 so I thought I’d share some points of why it’s so great to be my age. Not a lot more I can say to explain this post but yeah woo for your twenties!

1. You can drink

I know you can do this from when you are 18 and it seems a bit obvious but I’ve been drinking for two years now ( I’m not an alcoholic I promise!) You don’t worry about being ID’d or the bouncers commenting on how young you are. You’ve learnt how to handle your drink (most of the time) and have favourite beverages. You’ve been to cocktail bars, wine bars, club bars, any bar that has drink just cause you can.

2. You can drive

Again you can do this at the very early age of 17 but only now is your driving at its best and basically all my friends have cars now unlike when we were 17 and very few of us were driving.

3. You have a job/ higher education

Gone are the days of school and college, you are now either working or at university studying to do exactly what you want. Only at 20 does this seem possible.

4. You have more freedom

Now that you can drive and drink, the freedom seems endless. The freedom to get yourself places and make plans. The freedom to make your own decisions and clean up the mistakes.

5. You are treated like an adult

Doesn’t 20 sound so much older than 19?! People will treat you more like an adult now. Say you are 19 and everyone is like ‘aw you are so young!’ Say you are 20 and people will just nod and get on with their lives. Result.

6. You have to actually be an adult

Now that you practically are an adult, you have to act like one 🙁 You know, the responsibilities thing. Cooking, cleaning, getting yourself to work on time, managing money stuff like that. Boring but essential.

7. Relationships become more mature

In a relationship in your 20s? The older and more experienced you get, the more mature your relationships become too. It’s also the time to have fun. You’re still young so cherish the moments while you can travelling, spending time together and being care free.

8. You can wear those boring clothes

You know when you were 16 and the cartoon t-shirts were all the rage? You had to pretend to be really into them to look your age even though you wanted to buy that plain grey top. Now you can. Shopping is much more varied and your style has become much more refined.

9. Your appearance changes

Whether through peer pressure or just age, your appearance is bound to change. Also because of puberty too. Remember all those years you spent struggling with spots? Now they’ve all gone and your face looks half decent again! You decided it might be a good idea to sort out your eyebrows too and believe me that completely changes your face. Get a hair cut and get rid of that fringe. Buy some straighteners and ditch the glasses. Stop wearing the glittery blue eyeliner that you thought looked really funky and swap it for black. Whatever it is, I look so much better now.

10. Tastes change

Chances are you will eat a lot more now than you did 10 years ago. Tastes change throughout your life and you become more open to trying new things. You eat out more as you get older so you will experience tastes from around the world and are introduced to them by many people and places.

11. Friendships change

That best friend you were close with for many years may drift out of your life for one reason or another and that group you once thought you’d grow old with, have nothing in common with you anymore. People change and so will you. It’s about adapting to change and realising you have to appreciate what you’ve got in life. Your true friends will stay by your side. Whether you end up with a lot of them; it doesn’t matter. What matters is the good times you spend with them as a 20’s girl.

12. You grow as a person

That hobby you had a few years ago might not be interesting to you anymore or you might develop a new one. You find out what you like and dislike. You develop opinions on everything and learn what matters to you in life. People will annoy you and you will either forgive or cut them out. You will start making a life for yourself and start living it.

13. No more teen angst

Remember those raging hormones that sent you storming up the stairs in floods of tears? That won’t happen anymore. You aren’t the childish drama queen that you once were. You have your emotions under control and know when to use them to your advantage.

14. Your music taste changes

You loved Busted, The Spice Girls and Girls Aloud and had all their albums. Now looking back you wonder why. You listen to a lot more sophisticated stuff now that you will probably like forever more.

15. You aren’t looked down upon

All the older generations don’t fear you anymore! You can walk down the street behind one without them crossing over. You don’t hang around in big groups outside Tesco anymore and you couldn’t be happier about that fact.

16. You are happier than you have ever been

When you were at school, you spent hours moaning about how much you hated it, same with college but now you have some freedom you can see why people love life and want to travel all the time.

17. You don’t moan as much

You have no reason to moan about school, college, homework, deadlines, stress, friends, your parents stopping you from doing anything or teachers.

18. You can travel

You are encouraged to do this while you are young and I have to say, I haven’t done much of it yet but next year just you wait. So many experiences to experience in these cultural places, so much to learn, see and do that it seems endless and exciting.

19. Do all those things you wanted

All those things you said you wanted to do when you were grown up? Do them now! Learn Spanish? Why not? Charity Skydive? Trip to Amsterdam? Anything is possible.

20. Young and healthy

You are still in the most able part of your life. You are at your fittest and most healthy so try to maintain that lifestyle to have a healthier body later in life. It’s not working for me so far. I have takeaway far too often and the gym rarely happens but as long as you have a balance of everything above, being in your 20’s will quite possibly be the best years of your life 🙂

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