10 Stages A Girl Goes Through When Dealing With Hair

Okay, sometimes it sucks to be a girl. Not only do we have to shave our legs but under our arms, down below and above our eyes. Eugh so much hair. Not only that but some of us also have to deal with upper lip hair, belly button hair and the ever growing hair on our head. Men only have hair on their head, sometimes on their face and the occasional trimming down below to deal with. The rest you can leave to flow as it wants. So unfair. So here’s a list of things we go through when have to deal with the monstrosities of all that hair.

1. It’s Winter, it’s all staying

We girls love winter for the sole reason that we can stop having to shave our legs for a good few months because no one sees them. The only exception I suppose is those of us with boyfriends. We can’t do this. A little stubble is fine but I don’t think anyone’s boyfriend wants to stroke a hairy dog shaped like a leg. OH.

2. It’s Summer, time for a full body makeover

This is the complete opposite to the point above as even though I love painting my nails and coating myself in a thick layer of body butter that has me reeking of the beach, I don’t like de cluttering my body of hair. It not only takes forever, but unless you do it in the shower when the water goes cold because of how long it takes, you have masses of hair all over the carpet. Eugh. Probably should have started this a few months ago and done it gradually.

3. The Eyebrows

Since I was about 14, I’ve had an ongoing battle with the strips of unruly hair above my eyes. They have never done what I want them to do even though I’ve screamed, shouted and shed tears for them. It’s no good. I’ve only ended up snipping off the ends or plucking too much off and looking like Spock. Agh, all girls will know the frustration and I am not spending money on something I can do myself with much less pain. I also don’t want a stranger commenting on what a bad job I have done so far.

4. The fringe to hide the brows

This is possibly the best idea ever. Get a fringe and you will never have to pluck your eyebrows again. Well sort of, unless you are having a bad hair day and your fringe reveals the monstrosities beneath. I found that the longer I left mine, the more they grew back at the ends and had a better thickness to them, then I just plucked a bit and now they look pretty good peeking out from under my curly little fringe.

5. The bikini line

It always makes me feel a bit self conscious wearing a bikini to see hair poking out from round there but I was always afraid of shaving too much in case I shaved something important off…seriously you never know! However now, it’s perfectly controlled down there after many bouts of too much shaving and turning out all blotchy and sore. Ouch.

6. The semi shave

This is the quick, I don’t have time or can’t be bothered shave. It ends up with a line right down the middle of your leg, hairy ankles and fluffy calves. So annoying.

7. The legging shave

This is the lower leg shave done when you are wearing leggings and only have that part of your leg on show. It’s quick and easy to do. No fuss, just smooth legs for that part and the rest is a jungle.

8. The most of leg shave

This is the one I was doing for years after being told by a friend that you shouldn’t shave your thighs as it would all grow back really hairy. Only now do I know the truth. This is a myth and you should shave your thighs (gently) otherwise you look really hairy then all smooth. Not a good look.

9. The upper lip shave

Okay, it’s not an actual shave but it’s still hair. It’s kinda groovy when you have a line of badly applied cream on your lip. It’s so hard not to lick it off or pull stupid faces in the mirror or go and scare someone with it. It doesn’t even work THAT well to be honest. Doesn’t hurt though. Worth a try if you are totally paranoid about that sort of thing. It does grow back so you will need to do it again but mine seems to be at a standstill for a good few months now so you might get lucky.

10. The Belly button shave

I don’t know whether this one is just me but I found myself with a bit of a snail trail and was like um no that’s not staying so shaved it all. A couple of times…okay maybe a few more than that but it looks so much better now and smoother.

So there’s all my hair scare stories. Feel free to share yours too!


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