10 Things That Happen When You Start A New Relationship

Right then, this has probably been written about thousands of times before but let’s see if I can come up with a whole host of new ideas or maybe just a few, I’m not J.K Rowling people. I wish I was. That is the ultimate dream, in case you didn’t know but it might take a while so let’s just stick to blogging for now. I’m digressing, you came here to read about things that happen in a brand spanking new relationship so here goes:

1. Butterflies

Too stereotypical? I tried but it just popped into my head. There’s nothing more exciting than that tingling feeling in your stomach that comes from only meeting that new person or being nervous about meeting them. Are they going to like me? Am I going to embarrass myself? Should I just try and act normal for the sake of looking sane? I should really be myself though shouldn’t I? What are we going to talk about? Maybe I should make a list just in case and list a few topics I like. I can always put it in my phone so it’s not suspicious when I look at it. I am a genius.

2. Being nosy

All of a sudden you want to know all about this new person in your life and dates become like interviews. Where are they from? What was their past like? What do they do at the moment? It is then passed over to you to share this whole world of information you didn’t know even existed. It’s even better when you get to see their house or more importantly, their bedroom. You can tell so much about a person just from how they look after their belongings. What colour is their room? How is it decorated? What do they have in it? It’s interesting but you do feel quite nosy looking round at pictures, books, ornaments. The same old stuff you have really.

3. Someone to spend time with

Yes you had your friends and family before but nothing is the same as spending time with a boyfriend. You can literally do nothing together and it’s still fun. Lazy days in bed watching films are the best right? That might be a bit weird with your friends unless you are really close. Binge eating of takeaway and using laptops in the same room but doing different things. Only done with your boyfriend.

4. Someone else to share with

That thing you argued about with your mum but your friends weren’t around to moan about it to. Boyfriend. That friend that is doing your head in. That question you can’t bear to ask anyone else. Do I really look good in this dress? Fantasies. That weird dream you had last night. Anything is worth sharing and chances are they’ll share back too.

5. Texting

You read into every single text they send you. What did he actually mean by that? Are they annoyed? I probably went too far then. I did put 8 emojis… The amount of time they take to reply is significant as well. What were they doing in that time? Did they read it and not reply? Maybe I’ll take that long to reply. Act cool, be cool. I really don’t care that much but the truth is I do. I care so so so much that it hurts and I look at my phone every two minutes to see if your name pops up. Sad? I think so.

6. The Facebook official

This unfortunately is judged by all your friends and the whole of Facebook as to whether your relationship is working or actually valid or not. How soon did you make it Facebook official? How many soppy statuses do you put up? How many pictures of the two of you doing things together? So much pressure!

7. Accept me for who I am

Are they going to accept me for better or for worse like wedding vows propose? You have to admit, my analogy there was on point! Will they accept your crazy quirks, like the fact you have to sit on the left, sing at every opportune moment and eat a terrifying amount of baked beans? None of these apply to me at all obvs. The thing you have to think about is, will they look down on me because of the way I am? If the answer is yes then they don’t deserve your time.

8. Break up with me

Oh it goes through every girls head at the beginning of a relationship. Don’t lie. If it hasn’t been long and you don’t know much about each other yet, there is always going to be that nagging feeling that they might end it.

9. Become ‘that’ girl

When you get into a new relationship it is inevitable that you become ‘that’ girl. The one that you always despised that won’t stop gabbing about her awesome boyfriend and spends every waking minute with him. Okay, that’s not me but we all know someone a little like that.

10. Labels

You start fretting about the amount of time things should take to progress in your relationship. For example, the correct time allowed before you sleep with each other or say the dreaded L word. It’s all a load of rubbish. Just do it in your own time and don’t worry about what other people are doing.

So there you have it. The 10 mostly original things that happen to you when you get into a new relationship!

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