Things That Happen On A Night Out

After going out on Saturday night and it being quite eventful, it sparked this idea for a blog post. Once going to only be a quiet night of drinks turns into the most chaotic outing that is full of colourful people, drunk friends, ridiculous scenarios and the best music you think you’ve ever heard which turns out to be the Spice Girls in the disco room in Oceana. Umm…

1. A quiet night turns into a very loud one

What was going to be ‘just drinks’ in the pub turns into everyone going ‘shall we just go out?’ ‘shall we?’ do you want to go out? yeah me too.’ You prepare yourself for a whole load more drinking and gather the crew to get to your next destination. It’s all very exciting all of a sudden and you know you have to get rid of that nagging tired feeling. I’M NOT TIRED AT ALL!!

2. The weird old man on the train

You get on the train to go but of course there is the weird middle aged man opposite you all who wants to chat about his ex and how he went AWOL for 4 days. We don’t care mate just go away. He then asks if any of you have a phone charger which of course you all say no to even if you did. He asks where you are going tonight and you wish and pray that he doesn’t seriously think about joining you. He gets off at the next stop thankfully.

3. Drunk friends

Some of your friends are massive lightweights which always makes for a fun night out. They are drunk after the 3rd drink and are telling or rather yelling at you in serious detail about how they nearly threw up in the toilets and how they were sure that guy just told them that they were cute. You nod and give your sympathy about the sick feeling and say how hot they look, even though their make up is starting to run down their face.

4. Peeing in the street

Only the guys for this one or in one case I’ve known one girl friend to do this! Some people just can’t hold it and you have to wait while they leg it into a dark corner and release their bladder whilst all you can hear is a huge sigh of relief and a suspicious trickle.

5. The pre bar

You all decide that you sobered up too much on the train and need to go to a bar first. There is a short debate over the perfect bar until someone just strides out in front and gets the rest to follow them. Someone buys the first round and you all find a seat. Again, you are feeling slightly tired but you can’t show it. You soak up the music and the atmosphere, trying to forget about it and the fact that you are getting past the point of tipsy. Another drink is bought and you sip it tentatively, then have to down it cause everyone’s leaving and you need a wee.

6. Getting lost

It is now time to advance to the club but in all your drunken states, you can’t seem to find it. ‘I’m sure it was that way’ says someone. ‘No, it was definitely that way!’ Someone else says. ‘I feel sick’ says the drunk friend. ‘HELPPPP!’ the very wasted friend yells. Embarrassed you shuffle to the front of the crowd and eventually join the queue for the club.

7. Drunk friends

Drunk friends want to take hundreds of photos even though they will remember nothing of these when they hit Facebook tomorrow. They will yell incoherent sentences and talk about what a great night they are having whilst trying not to be sick on you. They will throw their arms around you repeatedly and exclaim how much they love you and make sure you know it before exploding into a fit of giggles and not being able to stand up properly.

8. The club

You get to the front of the queue and one of your friends is told they are too drunk to get in so you wait while one of you explains that he is fine, just tired. After their amazing negotiating skills have paid off you all go in search of those drinks. Someone buys a round again and you all go to dance to some 80s classics.

9. The toilet talk

It’s time for that inevitable toilet talk with your friends about those epic moves you’ve been pulling and how you recognised those guys across the dancefloor. Reapply make up, spray perfume, fluff up your hair, pout for good measure and leave the loos.

10. Drinks

Again, you are bought a drink and go to dance holding it in your hand. You look cooler dancing with a drink anyway. Don’t drink it too fast even though it just tastes like coke. Woops it’s all gone. Look at the queue for the bar! How can I get to the front? I might be able to barge my way through since I’m a tiny little girl and no one is likely to knock out a tiny little girl. One more drink and I’m ready to go.

12. Getting home

There is always the kerfuffle of getting everyone out of the club and to the bus stop. It takes time especially if there is someone banging on about how this is their song and they just HAVE to stay. No you don’t. Then there are the people who want to get food even if there is 5 minutes until the bus comes. They go anyway and leg it off down the road while you all wait for the bus. Of course it comes and your friend is still in Burger King. They miss the bus and you call them to break the news. They have to wait for a taxi home.

There is my list of what happens on a typical night out with my group.

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