Why You Should Hold Hands

It’s  been a busy few days of last minute shifts, takeaway burgers and too many alcoholic beverages as per which has delayed the process of blogging and I apologise for that. I was very surprised to look at my blog stats this afternoon to see that over 70 of you had viewed my previous post on my new job so thank you for that, I’m glad you all liked it 🙂 This post is something I’ve been planning for a while and will probably be a load of waffle but I will try to stick a few facts in there and make it mildly funny for your general entertainment. Right, enough of me, on with the post!

Holding hands. One of the mildest forms of PDA out there for all you PDA haters. I am not one of them unless you are literally playing tennis down each other’s throats. Ew. So why should we engage in this wonderful activity? I’ll tell you why. We don’t do enough of it. Hugging? Sure. Kissing? Yeah, but for some reason our generation seems to look over the art of holding hands and I, my dear friends, am here to much needingly lend a helping hand (see what I did there?! 😉 ) in bringing it back.

It’s not old fashioned like so many believe and it shouldn’t make you think of being young when you had to hold your parents hand across the road. It’s something that makes you feel good and brings you closer together, quite literally. Although you hold hands with everyone, from your friends, to your drunk family members on New Years Eve when singing that awful song that no one knows the words to. It’s a special feeling and the act of physical touch is intimate in a relationship. It shows love.

It’s comforting. You take someone’s hand when someone close to them had died or they are feeling upset. It’s reassuring to know there is someone there for you and that they care. This small gesture can say all of that. “In the scientific study, “Lending A Hand,” neuroscientists from the University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin studied the effect the simple act of a human touch has on people in stressful situations. In this case, the participants underwent the threat of electric shock. The researchers came to the conclusion a “loving touch reassures.” Dr. James Coan, one of the researchers, said, “We found that holding the hand of really anyone, it made your brain work a little less hard in coping.”

It stops the pain. Remember that time you got a splinter and you held your mum’s hand as it was pulled out or had your ears pierced and gripped someone’s hand for dear life? Or through fear when you were watching ‘The Ring’ and the boat came along and killed the horse. You struggled to make it through but it was bearable because you were holding someone’s hand. It’s a feeling of safety and protection. The feeling that you aren’t going through something alone and there is always someone there for you. Aww.

Elite Daily wrote an article on the science of holding hands which was really interesting. One point they made was: Holding hands can serves as a powerful statement. For instance, if a celebrity is spotted holding hands with someone, society automatically assumes the pair is together. While simple, holding someone’s hand in public, soberly, makes a declaration. It either says you’re together, you have a close relationship or you support what the other person is doing. And humans like to make statements. We wear graphic t-shirts, post Facebook statuses and tweet our point-of-views. It makes our existence known, and therefore relevant.

Elite Daily: It’s convenient and easy

When we’re walking next to someone, our hands automatically fall to our sides, parallel with the person matching our stride. No muscle is strained. And you don’t have to worry if your hand placement is weird or if you’re doing it correctly.

So although it may seem like a sappy post from the surface, take the advice of The Beatles and Jess Glynne and hold someone’s hand. It might make their day.


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