How To Survive A Second Date

I’m back! I know I haven’t exactly been updating as much as I used to but I’ve got myself a full time job and the last few days have been pretty busy so yeah. I promised you all a follow up to my previous post on How To Get The Girl/Guy so this is what this is. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Arrange in advance

There is nothing worse than not knowing the details of what you are going to be doing/timings the day before a date. Make sure you have all this sussed before you go on the second date. It will also give you an impression of what they are like at planning and organising. Always important for the future.

2. Wear the right thing

Choosing the right outfit for a date is the utmost important thing to me and is essentially the lasting impression of you that the other person is going to get. Don’t go over the top and wear something smart not slutty. This also depends on what the date is too. Dinner should be looking classy but adapt it to the restaurant. An outdoor date such as a picnic should be laid back and suitable for walking. A cinema date should be just in between those two. Wow, there’s so many rules, and that’s just the clothes!

3. Body Language

Did they pick you up on time? Did they look happy to see you? Did they pull back your chair for you? Are they being polite to the waiter? Not all of these have to have a perfect answer but as long as you can tick some boxes, you know you might be onto something good here.

4. Menus

Now it’s time to choose what you want to eat. Don’t just choose a salad because you don’t want to look like a pig. Pick something wholesome like a pasta or pizza. It will give off a much better impression. Take note of what they choose too. Are they going all out with a huge platter of stuff or more refined like a chicken dish? Most men will go for something huge like a burger and scoff it all, completely oblivious of their company. Bless them.

5. Conversation

Hopefully, they will make the first move in initiating conversation but if not don’t be afraid to start things off. Don’t make it like an interview though. It can make them nervous and can feel like you are judging them. Be polite and attentive and laugh at any jokes made even if they’re not funny!

6. Personality

What sort of impression are they giving off? Are they confident or more refined? Do they share your passions and interests? They don’t have to agree with everything you say and vice versa but it’s nice if you are similar in some ways.

7. Paying

The common misconception about dating is that men should pay for everything. Times have changed. We can now woo our partners by offering to split the bill and avoid bankruptcy. How exciting.

8. Farewells

Do they drop you right home or make you walk? Do they kiss you on the cheek and say what a nice time they’ve had? Do they suggest meeting up again ? Whatever it is, simple guestures and politeness go a long way.

There’s my tips on how to survive a second date. Follow up on rules of text dating will be posted soon.


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