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So I don’t normally make a habit of putting diary type entries on my blog but my life has been so busy recently that I thought I’d let you all know what I’d been up to. As most of you know, I am doing an apprenticeship in PR and Social Media in Worthing which I’m really enjoying. I’ve just come to the end of my second week there and tomorrow I will go to my training in Brighton.

At work this week I have been really busy. I visited one of the charity shop units as part of my induction to work which was interesting and the staff were all really nice including Eric the very enthusiastic springer spaniel! We talked a lot about the work I’m going to be doing and how they could help me at the shop and the bike store. They repair bikes and sell them to make money for the charity. They are all good quality bikes too which look really professional. The bike centre are holding a street Velodrome in Worthing and Brighton on 1st and 2nd August. (Not promoting at all there!)

Tuesday saw my meeting with the chief exec (bit scary!) about how I was getting on and what I aimed to do for the company. I also talked to the work experience boy and girl who were only 15. I barely remember being that age! Weird to think it was only 5 years ago haha. However, I could sympathise with their shyness as I was very shy at school. Next was a meeting with my boss and the HR manager about the staff newsletter which I am producing. Very pleased with how it’s turning out so far! I then had a meeting with one of my colleagues about our Ice themed ball in November. Looking forward to that one 🙂

Yesterday, I met my apprenticeship leader and we went through a tonne of paperwork and how I was finding my placement. All of that went fine and then I sat in on a radio interview with a colleague which was promoting the work of our charity.

Today I went to another project which I can’t say much about but it was really interesting. I then had a meeting with my boss about the work I was doing and planning what else I could do.

Tomorrow is training then Saturday I’m helping at our charity abseil in Peaceheaven which anyone is welcome to come to. 10-4. I’m not abseiling thankfully but I will be handing out certificates and cakes at the bottom of the cliff. (Yes it’s abseiling down a cliff!)

Aside from work, I have been down the beach on the hottest day of the year, a carvery yesterday and picked to write for a music website…good week I think!


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Worst quality picture but this is my uniform for Saturday!

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