Self Purpose and Finding Yourself

I currently find myself in quite a philosophical mood which is reflected in this blog post. I promise not to turn it into a really cringey I-love-live post or at least I’ll try. I was thinking about how as we grow older, we find out what sort of person we are and really start to settle into our own unique selves and lives. You are always told when you are younger that you will grow up into a lovely young man/woman but for some reason you can’t quite believe this and go through a period of self doubt and crippling low self esteem. It’s those teen years that are all about experimentation. The road to independence, education, jobs, relationships between partners, friends and most of all family. It’s a tricky lot to juggle but once you have navigated your way through all this and begin to get a constant in all of these areas, you can finally stop to breathe.

When you stop to think about everything that’s happened to you in your life from memories of family days out to crazy reunions with your closest friends, it hits you that these memories are what makes you, you. I know that from a young age, I wasn’t a natural leader but had my close friends and in fact, I’m still friends with the majority of them today and I’m so proud of how far we’ve all come. We’ve all been there for each other through hard times and celebrated through our greatest moments. As a teen, friends seem even more important than family, they bear a greater understanding as to what is happening to your moods, likes, dislikes and having an opinionated little mind.

Now at 20 and not a teen anymore, I can actually reflect on those teen years and cringe at the sparkly blue eyeliner that was all the rage or all the silly comments and pictures I put up on Facebook. I almost can’t delete them because however cringy they are, I can’t help but smile a little at how naive and care free we all were. I like to think I have a pretty good idea of who I am now and what I stand for. I can tell a faker from a mile off, try and see the positive in everything and am pretty laid back about most things. Empire State building even though I’m terrified of heights? Yeah, alright. Budapest for my 21st which is 7 months away? Go on then. I realise they are just holidays haha but for example at work, I’ll literally do anything to see if it’s interesting and most of the time it is.

When you’re younger, risks are insanely exciting but there aren’t many you can take without parent supervision and lets be honest, it’s not really a risk if your parents are there. I’ve taken many risks in my life from moving away from all of my friends, dropping out of Uni, doing a girls holiday in Malia and driving on a dual carriageway to work after only a couple of weeks driving. I survived them all and like to think back on the experiences I’ve gained as life building.

Going back to finding yourself as a person, the only way you can really do this is to be true to yourself. It really does depend on your upbringing and since mine was pretty ordinary and down to earth, I think it helped me turn out okay. Well, I haven’t decided to be a drug dealer or work in a fast food restaurant so I must have done something right 😉

Surround yourself with the right sorts of people as well. Friends are a huge influence on your life and you will be peer pressured at one point or another. Be strong enough to say no and set the good example however goody two shoes it may seem. You’ll be glad of it in years to come. Don’t listen to the liars either. Also known as a faker, this can alter your perception of life and stop you being true to yourself. I still know fakers now and they tend to be the most insecure, unhappy people. Ignore the jibes, they hurt but not as much as that person is hurting inside from something or someone who has pushed them away and made them act like that.

Overall, just have fun! Don’t take life too seriously. I did when I dropped out of Uni. I was quite unhappy and thought I’d never get a job and things would never be the same and everyone would judge me. How wrong was I. A few months later, I met my boyfriend, my friends have been there every step of the way, as have my family and I’m now doing a job I really enjoy. Things couldn’t be better which makes you realise it only takes one change to really alter your life and make a difference. So there you have it, a philosophical ramble on how to lead your life. You’re welcome 😀

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