Artist Spotlight: Family Of The Year

I’m sure anyone not familiar with this band will be wondering what on earth this post is on about. Do not fear, they may be relatively unknown but Family Of The Year have been around since 2009. They are an American indie band who are best known for their song ‘Hero’ which featured in the film Boyhood that I watched recently.

So now you know a little about them, I can tell you that they are awesome. The single ‘Hero’, if you haven’t already heard it, is a beautiful, soulful song which is accompanied with hugely relatable lyrics. It’s quite slow and laid back so may not be to everyone’s taste but it is sure not boring and FOTY are not your typical indie band.

Take a listen to their album ‘Loma Vista’ which features ‘Hero’ and a whole track list of reputable indie songs. Still not feeling it? They remind me of a cross between Saint Raymond and The Lumineers. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, they are sort of similar to Of Monsters And Men.

Stay tuned as I may do more of these short posts on the artists I’ve been enjoying recently 🙂

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