Text Speak in Dating And What It Means

This has always been a tricky field for me to understand as I discovered that I’m not so hot on the sarcasm. I’d be constantly apologising or acting offended, completely oblivious to the fact that they were joking. However, now I realise texting, especially within the world of dating, is a whole new ball game and it takes a bit of getting used to. There are certain types of texts you receive from guys that are a bit of a head scratcher and make you wonder what the hidden meaning behind that text really is.

There are so many articles on what kinds of texts guys send but not so many on how to reply to them so I thought that’s what I’d try to do in this post.

1. What you up to?

Either to genuinely ask what you are doing or to ask to meet up. Do not reply with ‘not much you?’. Chances are they will reply with not much as well and the conversation will come to a dead end. A good way to approach this is to be specific even if you are actually doing nothing. For example, ‘Sitting watching TV’. Add a ‘so bored’ for good measure.

2. Cool

The one worded text is always annoying. I thought people were annoyed with meĀ when they sent this but sometimes guys simply don’t know what to say so this seems fine. Don’t read so much into it. Sometimes it really does mean they are pissed off though, especially if there are no kisses so just be diplomatic. If that was an answer to an invite you sent him just say: ‘Okay, well might see you there.’ Casual and non committed.

4. U up?

We all know what this means. Depends if you want to be that sort of girl or not. If so, be just as sly and take control by suggesting a time. If not, like moi, then just put ‘Yeah, why, what’s up? :)’ The emoji implies you know what they are talking about and by putting what’s up instead of just why, it doesn’t sound so rude and extends the conversation.

5. Sorry I missed your texts. I’ve just been really busy

Yeah right, if you cared enough about me you would have replied within the day not a few days later. Know when you’re a priority and when you’re not. Don’t forgive them for the 5th time this text was sent or even the first if you sent multiple texts.

6. Come out!

You are in, he is out with his mates. You know you will be one of the only girls there so don’t really want to. He’s interested but probably in one thing only. Be wary about this one.

7. Send me a picture

This one is tricky. I’d be very wary about whether you trust this person or not. Are they going to show their friends? I find it a bit creepy and personal myself, especially if it’s someone you’ve just met.

8. I miss you

Yes, every girl perceives this to be a guy’s secret way of saying I love you, or that’s what magazines tell us anyway. You can respond with ‘I miss you too’ but wouldn’t it be funny if someone just put ‘I love you too’ instead?! Would love to see a guys reaction…

9. Good morning

Best text to wake up to right? Always send it back and ask how they are, what they are doing that day. Small talk but it does go somewhere I promise.

10. No worries

I’m a big user of this one myself and really don’t care if a guy puts this. Some of you do though. Don’t get in a panic over it, they mean nothing bad by it. It’s a chill out text to assure you that you cancelling or whatever is really no problem and that they understand.

So there’s the low down on text speak in dating. Let me know if there’s any important ones that I missed.


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