My Holiday In Wales

So, I don’t normally take my laptop on holiday with me but since I enjoy writing my blog so much I thought it might be a good idea to take it and update you a little on how it’s going. I’m not going to promise to post every night as we may be busy but I’ll see how it goes.

We got up at 5 this morning which was just horrible 🙁 I’m not a morning person as it is but I guess the fact that we were going on holiday made it that much more exciting. We left just after 6 once I’d finished panicking about where my laptop and phone charger were! Probably should have done that last night… then collected my mountain of CD’s and got in my dad’s car.

There was practically no traffic at 6 in the morning on a Saturday as you’d expect which means we cruised along the motorway and only stopped twice in our 6 hour journey which is pretty impressive if you ask me. However, I felt really car sick and tired all the way there which was horrible and no amount of paracetamol could cure my hangover-esque headache. I ended up tipping the chair back and going to sleep only to wake up to find we were in Wales!

It took a short time to find the place we are staying which was down a short, winding narrow lane and basically in the middle of nowhere! I have pretty much no service most of the time so don’t be offended if you contact me and I don’t reply. The cottage though is really pretty and cosy. It used to be a stable and was converted into a cottage years ago. Fred (our dog) is loving life and everything excites him…except the noisy motorways, oh and the sound of my hairdryer!! Back to the house we have a big garden which we sat out in earlier, a games room and the surrounding area is typically welsh- beautiful 🙂

We ventured out to the beach this evening which of course is sandy unlike East Sussex and the tide was out really far. We are now watching Harry Potter and are hoping the weather will be much the same as today as there are lots of activities we want to do and guess what? They are all outdoors haha.


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