Wales: Day 3

So, it’s day 3 into our holiday and today was really good. Even though the weather was dull and rainy for the most part, we really made the most of it. It was bucketing it with rain this morning so we went to a place called The Creative Café where my sister and I painted a pencil pot and a mug. I was pleased with how mine turned out and will probably use it for work so I know which mug is mine!

After that, we looked round the town of Narbeth which is small but pretty and has lots of really nice boutiques. I bought some hand cream and presents for people along the way. We went back to the cottage for some lunch then drove to an activities centre called Heatherton for the afternoon. I’ve been there before a couple of years ago when we came to Wales but it was still just as good. We went Go Karting, my dad and sister did baseball practice, I did pistol shooting and we all did crazy golf.

It was a really nice afternoon except the rain halfway through the golf and Fred barking every time we hit the ball! However, it soon stopped and we carried on. My favourite though had to be the pistol shooting. I felt just like James Bond as I loaded the gun and raised it to the target. Such a powerful feeling!

This evening we went out to dinner at Wiseman’s Bridge which was really nice. I had a double burger with cheese and bacon and it was seriously the best pub food I’ve ever had… nom.

That’s all for now 🙂

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