Silly Things We Pack For Our Holidays

So, here’s something a little different that I was thinking about as I was packing for my holiday. I might try and do it in diary form to see how it goes.

I love packing, so much so that I go a bit overboard and decide to pack most of my wardrobe for just a week’s holiday. However, there are many silly things I do and pack when deciding what to take on my holiday.

1. More than one bikini

I most definitely need two of these. One for the beach and one in case we go to a pool. I should probably make sure they are new and not going to fall down because that would be embarrassing. Maybe I should even dig out that third one just in case. I haven’t worn it in years but you never know when you may need it…

2. A hat

Why do we always insist on bringing the dreaded hat? It’s not like we ever wear them at home. They look awful and blow off in the wind. They are only reserved for holidays, maybe I should just ditch it this time…

3. Thousands of t-shirts

I have so many that it makes it hard to choose and I don’t want any of them to feel left out… They are good for all days. Some are plain, some are patterned. The choice is endless.

4. The cosmetics

I don’t know whether this one is just me but I find myself digging out old face creams, perfumes, body butters or basically anything that constitutes towards maintaining your skin. The thing is, I don’t spend nearly as much time or effort doing this at home and for some of the products, I’ve only used them once. Holidays seem to be a time for pampering and for one week my skin regime is perfect. Then I go back home and bore myself trying to make my skin look presentable again.

5. The books

I try and take more than one book on holiday since I read quickly. There’s nothing worse than finishing a book and having nothing to read. However, it takes up a lot of room in your suitcase so they should either make suitcases suitable for carrying an array of books or just limit yourself to two. Dread the thought of going on a two week holiday and maybe needing 4 books…

6. CD’s

I do take my iPod on holiday with me but I like to listen to CD’s in the car and selecting which ones to take can be a lengthy task. Also a difficult one too as you have to cater to everyone’s needs. I like to think I have a wide variety of CD’s ranging from dance music to rock to indie and also like to deafen my family with my singing. I sing a lot for someone who can’t sing…

That’s my list. Let me know what you think 🙂




  1. NaomiEstelle17
    11/08/15 / 1:17 pm

    I can so relate to this! I overpack SO much when I go away!

    • Kerrie
      11/08/15 / 2:14 pm

      Haha I think lots of us do! I do it every year without fail 🙂

      • NaomiEstelle17
        11/08/15 / 3:54 pm

        I can’t help it! I want to take everything haha 🙂

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