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So, at work I was asking my colleagues about how I could make some money from my blog and they told me a few ways like advertising, back linking, going to blogger events and connecting to companies to review products. It gave me the inspiration to start thinking about how I could put some of these ideas into action. Lots of the ideas involve having money to fund your blog which I don’t really have so I suggested the idea of maybe vlogging my previous blogs and doing a combination of both to keep my readers entertained.

It’s something I’ve tried before but didn’t link it to my blog. The thing is, I didn’t really enjoy it and felt like a bit of an idiot talking to a screen. It wasn’t anything like Skype of FaceTime which I’m used to and it’s kind of weird that people watched them and listened to what I had to say. I know it’s not a weird thing to do though since Vloggers are now the norm due to YouTube. (FYI my favourites are Jenna Marbles and Pewdie Pie- check them out if you haven’t already.) I especially like Jenna’s videos and find her very funny. For those that don’t know, she does a variety of vlogs to do with being a girl, lifestyle, the media and often involves her dogs and her boyfriend. It’s all very fun! I love how effortless she makes it look and you can tell she is comfortable being in front of the camera.

However, she is a global star and I’m not…

I can take some inspiration from her though. I may not be as funny or anywhere near as cool as her but hopefully by using my own sarcastic and self deprecating tone, I might be able to make a few entertaining videos for you all. Some of my friends do the whole Vlogging thing and produce some great material. I watch lots of them so I thought why not try making my own? I’m going to enlist the help of my sister who spends her life watching vlogs and possibly my boyfriend (although he knows nothing of this yet!)

I’ve got some ideas about what I want to do for content and am going to research more to see what’s already out there but if anyone has any ideas they want me to try feel free to message me on Facebook or comment below! I won’t tell you what videos I’m planning yet but I hope to get one up by this weekend so watch this space 😀



    • Kerrie
      02/08/15 / 6:16 pm

      Thank you 🙂

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