A Few Things You May Not Know About Me…

I’ve never done a post like this before but I thought I might give it a try to let you all know a bit more about me and some of my crazy antics in life. It’s just a list of a few hobbies and weird, off beat stuff I like in life or just things you wouldn’t expect a 20 year old girl to like so here goes…

1. Ducks!

Quite a few of my friends know that I have an obsession with ducks. I just love them! They are so cute and when they quack it lights up my day. They aren’t viscous (unless provoked) and I think they would make good pets. Unfortunately my family don’t so we don’t have any but I plan to get some in the future and let them swim about in my bath much to my boyfriend’s amusement. However, he did buy me a toy duck in recognition of my obsession who I have named Wanda and she now sits pride of place on my bed. How could you not like the fluffy, harmless quacking creatures?

2. Robert Downey Jr

This has been a thing for years. I love him not only because he is a talented actor but even men should be able to admit that he’s damn fine! He is such a nice person too (or rather he seems it – I’d love to meet him!) He does a lot for charity and often stops to engage with his fans. To me, he is the epitome of cool with his Ray Ban sunglasses and signature trainers. Check out Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes for evidence of this. My dream is to interview him which I know has a slim chance of happening but a girl can dream right?

3. I like rock music

Not all rock music, granted and not the heavy kind but I do honestly like The Foo Fighters a lot and yes I can name 3 of their songs. I was so close to going to see them on tour but my funds are in other places this years so Dave must simply wait until next year when they are top of my list to see. I also really enjoy Royal Blood who I missed at Reading, Catfish and The Bottlemen who are my new obsession and Muse who have the most unique and interesting music in the rock genre according to me.

4. I have a scar on my arm

I have a fairly prominent and sizeable scar on the front and back of my right arm from a trampolining accident when I was 14. I was practising a routine for a competition, went to do a front somersault and over rotated causing me to put my hands out to break my fall but instead broke my arm. I will spare you the gory details but it was an open fracture which hurt a lot and my poor trampolining group all had to witness it including my dad and sister. I went to hospital and had to have surgery to insert plates into my arm then get fitted for a cast which I had to wear for 6 weeks including my holiday to Isle Of Wight which wasn’t fun! I quit trampolining after that but still occasionally have a go on our garden one. However, as you can imagine it isn’t the same as I have to be very careful and haven’t done a somersault since. It’s also very sad because it was one of my favourite hobbies 🙁

5. I only went on a plane last year

Yes, I know, where have I been living all my life? I had never been on a plane until last year due to the fact going abroad is expensive and my mum hates flying. I had been abroad but on ferries and by Euro Tunnel. Flying was very different though. It was a girls holiday to Malia and all my friends promised to look after me but as I’m afraid of heights, there wasn’t much that could comfort me. It turned out to be quite fun though and I surprised myself by looking out the window and asking the dumb question of ‘is that another plane?’ No, it wasn’t. It was in fact just the wing of the plane we were on…I was tired, it was early, I don’t know plane etiquette so leave it yeah? 😉 Taking off and landing are quite possibly the most terrifying and disorientating things that could possibly happen though.

6. I have very sensitive ears

This seems like a boring thing to put and a kind of over dramatic thing to say but it’s true. My ears are at their worst in the cold and often really ache when it’s cold out. (I’m getting old already!) I use ear muffs, hats, hoods or anything that will keep my ears warm. They are sensitive to loud noises too like balloons popping and fireworks. I couldn’t listen to fireworks properly until I was about 16 (I’m not joking.) The sound is just too hard to bear. I can now of course but Lewes Bonfire can be a bit too much for them.

7. I hate ketchup

I know, I know, I’m the weirdest one out there for not liking this extremely popular sauce but seriously ew have you even tasted it recently? It’s so sweet and well…tomatoey?!! It’s slimy and looks like blood and completely RUINS a perfectly burger so there. Bet you’ll never touch that one again.

8. I sing in normal conversation

My mum told me off for this the other day and I sulked like a child but doesn’t singing just make you feel like you’re in a musical? In my case, I know I’m not the best singer in the world which makes me wonder why I do it so much but there’s something about blasting out The Beatles ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ when someone mentions that or maybe ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ when you get drenched on the way to work. Try it, it’s enlightening.

9. I’m terrified of spiders

To be honest, this is very common and most people know this about me anyway but the thing that gets me is you all think it’s funny to wave dead ones, alive ones or torment me with graphic pictures of them as a joke. It is not a joke! I repeat it is not a joke and I am genuinely frightened of them to the point that I won’t watch the dreaded spider in the forest sequence in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I won’t watch David Attenborough’s nature programmes, I get on edge at zoos (in the insect areas) and incy wincy spider is the most terrifying nursery rhyme when you have arachnophobia so please get rid of it!

10. I’m disorganised

I hate to admit it but I’m really quite messy. My desk at work isn’t the tidiest and my room before it was deep cleaned by my grandparents (yes, I know, they’re the best!) was a complete tip. I just can’t keep it clean. I’ve worked out why though. It’s because of a number of things including when I come in from a night out and just dump everything and ‘forget’ to move it, I have a lot of stuff, so even though it looks messy that’s just how it is and also, I’m creative and creative people are messy.

There ya have it, my weird and wonderful life. You probably think I’m a right weirdo now…please keep reading my blog!

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