An Exhausting Week

I thought I’d do a small update on my week as it’s been pretty jam packed and it may or may not be interesting for you all to read… I don’t know. I do look at my site traffic and I know what makes you all click on each post, personal details being one of them so here goes 😉

My week started off pretty chilled out with work as normal on Monday morning then a nice evening in with my boyfriend. Tuesday followed with another day at work where I’ve been learning a lot this week since we were dealing with some press matters which I won’t go into. I will say it just opens your eyes to the world of journalism and makes me so glad I’m not one of them. Wednesday was pretty much chilled out too except for a busy day at work including a team meeting and a form I was meant to be filling in KEPT deleting when I was halfway through, so annoying!!

After work on Thursday,Rich, his parents and I, went to see the new Mission Impossible film which was really good! I’d never seen one of the films before so didn’t think I’d know what was going on but I really enjoyed it. Best action film I’ve seen in ages and girls, Tom Cruise is the definition of hot throughout haha.

Friday was a bitter-sweet day. It started off fine with an interview I did with a member of staff about the budget cuts and housing in particular. We had a really interesting chat and I’m looking forward to writing it up for the supporters newsletter. We then had a team coffee due to our stressful week which was nice as we sat on Worthing seafront with our Costa lunch. During the afternoon, the fancy dress costumes I ordered came which provided a lot of fun! I tried on a ‘bath duck’ costume which had the others in hysterics…thanks guys! Two of my colleagues tried on a lion and a koala which looked really good. It was a great way to end off the afternoon except my pounding headache and tiredness so I left early and faced the worst drive home I’ve experienced but I made it! Then slept for 2 hours at home 🙂 In the evening, we watched Divergent as a family which I’ve seen before but was just as good the second time.

On Saturday, Rich and I went into Eastbourne to pick out a camera for me to start vlogging and use on my upcoming holidays. How exciting! 😀 We found a brilliant Sony bridge camera which has a 63X zoom, so cool! It works really well and the quality is brilliant, so look forward to some vlogs soon. We then went for a romantic little picnic in a nearby field in the sunshine which was lovely. In the evening, I popped out for a few drinks with my friends which was nice to have a catch up 🙂

Sunday was the day of the big BBQ. Rich and his family came, my grandparents and my dad. It was brilliant weather which gave me a chance to use my new camera too. We had so much food and drink, it was great fun. It was a really chilled out day, with my choice of background music of course and a chance for our families to catch up with each other (they’ve all been friends for years so embarrassing stories always circulate.)

That’s about it really. It was a fun week and I’m looking forward to what this week holds including starting my vlogging, a bike ride with the girls, my first manicure and going to see a couple of Uni friends whom I haven’t seen for about a year…should be good!

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