‘He’s Out Of My League’

How many times have I heard friends utter this sentence or better yet can I even count the amount of times I’ve used the phrase? The answer is no, we all use it way too much and it’s secretly knocking our self esteem. I read an article on Cosmo the other day stating reasons why we shouldn’t think people are out of our league and there are so many other good ones out there too which might make you wonder why I’m doing my own.

The truth is, I don’t think the ‘out of my league’ is the only problem, it’s the high expectations, not only girls, have about finding their ‘perfect’ partner. We have The Notebook and various other romantic films to blame for this girls. Even Ryan Gosling doesn’t act like that in real life (even if we all like to think he does!) Men won’t constantly shower you with gifts, affection and agree with everything you say even if Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds do. I’m not speaking for all men of course, some are romantic (mine is hehe- I hope you don’t hate me for saying that R!)

On that note it should be a good thing if men are romantic. It doesn’t make them ‘gay’ for being sappy. It’s just sweet and caring, us girls love it, even if we brush it off, we are jumping around like a child inside! I know I’m kind of getting off the point of this post as per but we really need to start lowering some expectations before we make the sweeping claim that someone is out of our league.

Beauty they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and it only takes one person to realise that. Of course we don’t see it ourselves, we are our harshest critics. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought how you’d love bigger eyes, clearer skin, a smaller nose or tameable eyebrows? (That one may just be me!) Whatever it is, these imperfections are what make us unique. Still don’t believe me? Let’s use myself as an example. I used to hate my hair, it’s curly, frizzy, bushy and I used to get bullied about it but I’ve come to terms that however much I cut it, play with it and change hair styles it will still ping in all directions in humid weather and break EVERY SINGLE HAIRBAND! I know that there are people out there who would love to have my hair and pay lots to get it that way when I have it natural so there suck on that bullies!!

Anyway, back to the league thing. We often say other guys are more attractive so won’t be interested in us. Not true. They aren’t all shallow, self loving dumb asses. Your personality really does matter. I have never dated a Ryan Gosling unfortunately so my social skills would be useless but seriously if you do happen to come across a god who wants to date you, remember they are only human!! For those of us who live on planet earth and haven’t had plastic surgery or grown up between 2010-2015 (seriously all the young girls growing up in these years are prettier than I will ever be and I can accept this!) please lower your expectations.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular I promise but some girls who moan they haven’t got a boyfriend, do you think this may be because your expectations are too high? You aren’t going to fall in love with them straight away, you learn more and more throughout a relationship and realise that they really aren’t out of your league because what is a league anyway?



  1. ellerby
    07/10/15 / 11:23 pm


    • Kerrie
      08/10/15 / 12:58 pm

      You are completely right, I will change it. Cannot believe I didn’t notice that! Thank you for pointing it out 🙂

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