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So more recently, I’ve really been trying to get into the research side of blogging to make mine the best it possibly can be. I’ve been following more blogs, reading up a lot on not only blogs but articles, trends, news, Twitter, Instagram. Basically anything I can get my hands on to fuel inspiration for content. I know blogging is a huge competition and I’m only a small blog in the huge blogosphere of awesome ones.

You probably want to know the point of this post. The point is I’m here to give you all a little inspiration, whether that be for any budding writers (like oneself), within your work,even within your daily social life. Sometimes we fall into that lull of routine and whilst I enjoy routine, I hate being bored. I love to have motivation in my life which in turn fuels creativity for my blog and all aspects of my life. Here’s how to make your life more fulfilled:

  1. Begin the day with a refreshing drink

Sounds boring and like all those other self help articles but nothing sets me up for the day more than a cup of tea. For you it could be a cup of coffee, milk or juice. Anything to boost your immune system and get you going.

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2. Keep your eyes open

Alright Kerrie, we do this as human beings. It’s part of life, what you getting at? Actually take the time to look around you at what’s happening. Inspiration can come from anywhere from blogs, magazines, talking to people or even just driving or on the train. Remember people are the dominant factor in any story so by analysing and creating believable characters, you are able to create content that your audience will relate to.

3. Style blogger – Ashley Madekwe

One of my favourite actresses, style icons and total girl crush as she’s so stunning is the amazing Ashley Madekwe. You many recognise her from E4’s Revenge as socialite Ashley Davenport. Her blog is effortlessly cool  and combines fashion, interior design and her modelling shoots. The photography is stunning too. Check it out here:

4. Take regular breaks

Want more motivation? This is the way forward. Keep your breaks active though, especially if you have an office job. This could be anything from making your colleagues a cup of tea, going for a walk or maybe even going for a jog if you feel so inclined. It refreshes your mind and might surprise you with a host of new ideas flooding into your brain.

5. Listen to music and read EVERYTHING!!

This is my ultimate tip for sparking creativity. Right now I’m listening to One Republic’s ‘Preacher’. It’s a stunning track from a stunning album. Check out their latest album ‘Native’ here: Other good artists I have in the background are London Grammar, Newton Falkner and Gabrielle Aplin.

Also, read everything! It doesn’t have to be just books, although I’d start there with my favourite being To Kill A Mockingbird and the follow up which I’m halfway through called To Set A Watchman. Others I recommend would be Gone Girl, anything by Jodi Picoult, Jeffrey Archer and David Nicholls. Read newspapers (no matter how boring) that news is the world around you, read a selection of magazines. I’d recommend Glamour, Red, Company Online and Empire.

6. Talk to everyone about everything

Okay, you have to know who to cater your conversation for but seriously I know an array of really interesting people who provoke such interesting conversations. Surround yourself with these people. They are key to sparking off side projects and will be good future contacts. Even people in your family can really spark debate. For example, I was having a very deep conversation about politics and how the UK is run with my boyfriend’s dad last night. Very interesting, it might also change your views to see how others view the world.

7. Say yes to every experience

I can’t stress how important this one is! You don’t have to be loaded with money to do it. I don’t come from a particularly well off family but I’ve made sure that I’ve travelled to experience different cultures. I’ve been to France, Belgium, Austria, Greece and am going to New York and Paris soon. I’ve been to a festival, skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, abseiling (even though I’m afraid of heights!) I make sure to meet up with friends every week and we go clubbing, zumba classes, have picnics, BBQ’s,  go to fairs, concerts, parties, shopping, camping. Anything! It’s these experiences that build your life up!

8. Lifestyle Blogger: Hannah Gale

I know I’ve mentioned Hannah’s blog on Facebook before but I simply love her style of writing. Her tone is so down to earth and the topics she chooses are interesting and helpful. She does lists like BuzzFeed and is also very funny. Definitely worth a read.  Check it out here:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 20.31.13

9. Jenna Marbles

Who doesnt love Jenna?! Again, I’ve mentioned her before but good god she makes me laugh! Vlogging is also very big right now so we need to embrace these hugely successful people. It’s worth checking out PewdiePie, Zoella, Marcus Butler and Cian Twomey (he makes me CRY with laughter). There are loads of other good ones but that’s a good place to start.

10. Shopping

Who knew that shopping could spark some serious inspiration. Well I have news for you. It most certainly does! Tiger in Brighton is a must, TopShop, Urban Outfitters, Pull &Bear and any shop in the North Laine. Brighton is the place to be! I love shopping despite my overflowing wardrobe telling me no. I just had a clear out and got rid of a few bits but I found it hard to part with much. Anyway, when shopping clothes are bound to spark off some kind of creativity because there are so many styles out there and the people you meet and engage with when shopping are sometimes the most eccentric. So go shopping girls!

That is by no means an extensive list. I get inspiration from so many other aspects of life from my relationship, photography, awesome websites like Etsy and Society 6 (Check them out)and day trips to cities like London.


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