How Do I Adult?


Why is petrol so expensive and why does it all go so damn quickly?

Why is the food I like and want so expensive? And those sell by dates, I’ve got to eat this in a few days…should be easy or is it going to kill me?

How do I know if I’m being taxed and why didn’t they teach me this at school?

How do I work out 35% off this dress? Should have listened in maths…

I really want to buy this but can’t really afford it, mum?

Why is ironing so boring and why does it take so long and not look much different after?

Whoops, just turned those white knickers pink…

Cooking is much harder than it looks. Jamie Oliver makes it look so easy…

So if I vote for this person, it probably won’t change much anyway? What do they even stand for?

Why is the news so depressing? I don’t even understand these budget cuts…

I shouldn’t really be watching Scooby Doo as I am 20 years old now but it’s so good!

I bought this t-shirt when I was about 12 yet it still fits me?! I should probably chuck it, it does say crazy chick on it, wouldn’t want people getting the wrong impression.

How do I work 9-5 without getting distracted when school was like so short?!

I enjoy clubbing but I’m surrounded by people who obviously got in on fake ID and don’t know club etiquette, not that I do either, apparently jumping around to Jay Z and Kanye West isn’t the done thing and you end up with no voice in the morning.

Probably shouldn’t have opened that spam email, I now have viruses that I don’t know how to get rid of.

Why has my computer died? I’ve yelled and sworn at it numerous times and it still isn’t turning on and if it hasn’t saved my work I’m going to stab it and cry.

People are actually quite annoying! I used to be friends with everyone but now you all cancel plans and make life difficult in general. Why so unreliable?

Why is it unacceptable to get a happy meal in McDonalds at 20? I want the minions headband 🙁

I’d kind of like to move out…why is housing so expensive?!

Please never dis own me mum and dad! 🙁




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