Letters To My 18 Year Old Self At Uni

I did one of these posts a while back which was to my 14 year old self and mostly focused on body image. Check it out here:

However, I recently had the idea of doing one for my 18 year old self at Uni. It may get deep it may not, we’ll see how it goes.

Dear 18 year old me,

You can’t wait to leave home for a new life at Uni. New you, new friends and all that. Going out and actually grabbing your future by the horns like you’ve always wanted. What could possibly go wrong? A lot it seems when you are young and naive and rather hormonal at times. At first, everyone wants to be friends and you lose count of the nice people you’ve met and exchanged stories with. They won’t be your friends forever. In fact you won’t remember most of their names after the first week.

The first problem comes in the form of cooking. You can’t actually do it. It’s as simple as that. You brushed off your mum’s worries about learning before you went and decided to learn as you went along. Harder than it seems when you have to share a kitchen with 7 (yes that’s right) 7 others who all fire food related questions at you. You make many mistakes along the way with this most of which you laugh about with your friends but some make you want to cry with frustration since your stomach is grumbling and it’s getting late. Eating is essential to surviving, use some common sense Kerrie!

The second problem comes in the form of the actual Uni course. You hate it. You attend every single lecture when the rest are hungover and it doesn’t get any better. There’s the odd lecture which isn’t too bad but overall, the experience is disappointing and you get the impression the lecturers don’t even care. You should have moved courses straight away and not got in such a big panic over it but at the time you did what you thought was best.

You also start to think about how much you don’t like the city you live in. Having come from a small town, it was actually a big jump to move to a city. The busy environment annoys you, the noise at night keeps you up, there doesn’t seem much to do for students and the crime rate just plain scares you. You didn’t know any of this before you moved here and you liked it when you looked round before. Deeply investigate the city you are living before you move. I can’t stress this enough.

Another thing which you can’t seem to handle is the party life. You knew this was Uni etiquette before you left home but your corridor like to party hard and well… you don’t so much. You go along as much as you can but want to focus on your work after a while which is hard when drunk people are bashing on everyone’s doors. You don’t feel as cool or as liked as these people who have so much experience but you should have focused on just being yourself. You tried too hard to impress and please people which did the complete opposite. You were seen as the ‘innocent’ one who was lacking in experience in EVERYTHING! It annoyed you and you tried hard to shake this label with little success.

You eventually found it all too much and spent many a night crying down the phone to your mum. You missed her, your family, your friends and your life at home. You were seriously thinking about dropping out but feared you’d be forever unemployed and nothing at home would be the same again. You shouldn’t have worried so much, you felt like you might be suffering with anxiety with the amount you put your abilities down and looking back you probably were. It took a lot of courage and planning but you eventually dropped out and it was the best thing you ever did.

Your life will not be over, your friends will not all judge you and your family will accept you with open arms so if there is anyone out there who is considering dropping out of Uni, don’t be ashamed. It happens to lots of people and you never know the exciting prospects life has in store for you if you don’t take that chance.

Love Kerrie x

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