Mental Health Awareness Week

So, this week as some of you may know, is Mental Health Awareness Week. I have to say, I haven’t really paid it much attention in previous years but I think the coverage surrounding it this year has been slightly more significant.

Worthing in particular have really been behind this scheme which was good to see and I went along to some of the talks being held at Broadwater Church. The first one I attended was on alcoholism and how it can lead to mental health problems. There was so much background to this subject that I hadn’t even stopped to think about and it was so interesting to listen to people’s experiences. Also, I learnt that being an alcoholic is actually an illness that can be quite severe not only for the one suffering but the people around you too.

I also went to a couple of talks later on in the week about how to write a Will if you were coping with a mental illness and how to ensure all your money and assets go to the right person. I found this incredibly helpful to know for the future as many of us don’t really know how to write a Will and even if you know a little, it’s so important to get it right.

The other talk was about living with Dementia and a couple of men who had the illness were part of the talk. Again, I couldn’t believe how unaware I was of this illness and the forms it can take. Having said that, the two men were very funny and were making jokes with everyone which was good to see. Dementia can happen to anyone and the talk showed the amount of support out there for people with the illness which means no one has to suffer alone.

I got the opportunity to talk to lots of people during this week from the organisers of the events to other charity workers to the people doing the talks and it’s clear to see that they are all committed to the cause. I looked round all the stalls and picked up leaflets (and free pens!) about coping with stress, panic attacks and just knowing you’re not alone. Always helpful if you’re having a bad day, week or month. (Not quoting Friends there at all…)

I had a really interesting chat with a woman about raising awareness of mental health and it was just a great few days where I learnt so much about mental health and life really.

I got to go as part of work as WCHP had a stall there but I am so thankful that they let me attend so much. It does tie in with the charity as many of the clients WCHP sees may have mental health problems but I actually felt I wanted to know more as I know people who suffer with mental health problems. I think it’s nice to know a bit about how to cope with life in general and just in case I ever happen to develop anything like dementia.

I also took some photos of the events which you can see below.



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