My 5 Favourite Films

I am often asked this question whether it be in those silly little quizzes online or it comes up in every day conversation. Do you ever find though that when put on the spot you just can’t think of like any films ever? I thought maybe I’d make you all a list of my favourites…

  1. Taken

I love action films and for me, this ticks all the boxes. Bad ass, addresses complex issues and a car chase. That is all I want from an action film except maybe more leading women in them but hey Liam Neeson is so cool. The storyline is great as well. Give it a watch.

2. 500 Days Of Summers

Complete contradiction to the film above and I don’t like rom coms much at all but I think this one is so low key and normal that it actually gives an important message about 21st century relationships. That’s if you want to get all deep and meaningful about a rom com… Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt are just everything too.

3. Singing in the Rain

As mentioned in my previous post, this has got to be in the top 5 because it’s just brilliant. The singing and dancing (the tap dancing in particular) is amazing and it’s become one of those iconic films that doesn’t ever get old. I’m not particularly a musical fan but Singing in the Rain is not just a musical. Such a feel good film.

4. Drive

How could you not like Ryan Gosling in this sleek, artsy thriller? One of my favourite actors doing a fairly indie film so it pretty much has to be in the top 5. I love how understated this film is and for someone who did film studies at college, you really notice the brilliant filming. The soundtrack for the film is perfect as well.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr… that is all. He is one of my favourite actors and celebrities in general. I could go on about how amazing he is but alas I won’t as maybe you want to actually know more about Sherlock Holmes. It’s a brilliantly clever film directed by the awesome Guy Ritchie and starring Jude Law too. I love it because of RDJ obvs but the storyline is really good too and the bromance between Holmes and Watson is the best.

That’s not an extensive list as Zero Dark Thirty is one of my favourites but hey this will do for now. Until next time 🙂



  1. NaomiEdge17
    02/11/15 / 12:46 pm

    I love posts like these, i feel like you really get to know someone through what type of films and other things they like to watc/do, etc.
    I LOVE 500 Days of Summer, such a great romcom! Defintley up there on my list of favourite films 🙂 Also slightly obsessed with Zoey and Joseph too haha.

    • Kerrie
      02/11/15 / 12:52 pm

      Yeah, that’s true although the ones I picked are all completely different so it might be hard to tell! 500 Days of Summer is such a sweet film, they’re both great actors 🙂

      • NaomiEdge17
        02/11/15 / 1:57 pm

        Haha yeah true 😉 I like it though! Its so sweet! They really are 😊

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