9 Types Of People You See As A Commuter

Since the mornings and evenings are becoming darker and darker, I have taken to getting the train to work. I also managed to find a ticket which is cheaper than petrol so public transport is seeming like a good thing right now. However, there are a few common types of commuter I see on a daily basis that just remind me how weird the human race is.

  1. The headphones enthusiast

This person is probably the most like me and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love listening to my music on the way to work. However, I don’t think I get quite as into it as some people who nod their head and mime the words. It does make for an interesting commute for everyone else though…

2. The loud talker

Whether they are on their phone or talking to a friend, we are probably all guilty of this! This person has no awareness of how loud they are talking and now the whole train knows that you want your wife to put the lasagne on for dinner for when you get back. Nice one.

3. The smelly eater

One of my least favourite types of commuter. This person eats burgers, kebabs, tuna or anything remotely smelly. I’m pretty sure they know it will annoy the rest of the carriage but still carry on chomping as if they’ve never eaten before. They are all really messy eaters too…

4. The person who insists on talking to strangers

This is normally the weird old person who starts off by asking a simple question and before you know it they are telling you their life story or just being plain weird towards you. The worst thing is, there is no where to escape to if you have the corner seat…

5. The person who sits too close to you

Have you ever heard of that thing called personal space?! Apparently this person hasn’t as they insist on nearly perching on your lap and fall into you every time the train goes over a bump. Please move…

6. The person who smells

Another bad commuter is the one with no personal hygiene. They always seem to end up next to me or near me and it takes all the strength I have not to crinkle my nose or move without looking suspicious. Ew.

7. The person who only just makes it

This person is the one who has no urgency for anything. They mill about in the station buying the expensive coffee then have to run for their lives when they have 1 minute until their train. Hilarious to watch but not so much when they are huffing and puffing next to you. Better not have a cold…

8. The business man

This man is the smartest commuter you will see. He will be the epitome of the whole business man stereotype, briefcase and coffee in hand. Everything in the commute is done with leisure and you can tell they think they are above everyone who boards the train. They have so much tech that it makes me feel like I’m from the 90s.

9. The glamorous woman

This woman is clad with flowing scarves, slashes of lipstick, hairsprayed hair and pencil skirt showing off her slim figure. It’s quite sickening really. Damn these awesome business women and their successfulness.

10. The school crowd

I honestly don’t think I was like any of these weird gangs I see on the train. They are loud, offensive, massively make up wearing, phone obsessing girls who don’t look like they’re going to school but to a fashion show. Just don’t.

So that’s it. I’m sure you can think of more, so feel free to let me know of others you find annoying!

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