A Bleak Future or a New Beginning?

Over the past week, the media has exploded with news of the referendum and how Britain are leaving the EU. Many have said it’s the wrong decision and have demanded a second referendum but what would¬†this change? The same people are voting. I’ve seen articles about people who voted leave and didn’t think their vote would really count and are now regretting their choice. I think it’s sad how we don’t think we can make a difference. We should be able to confidently place a vote for what we believe in and be proud to help shape our country.

I had no idea which way to vote at first. I’m not a massive follower of politics and find it hard to determine the facts from such biased opinion that infiltrates the media. We pay ¬£350 million a week to be in the EU which could be going towards building houses, funding the NHS or put into education but there’s no guarantee it will be spent on this either. I didn’t think losing our trade with the other EU countries would be a wise move and definitely not good for finances therefore I voted to remain in the EU like many others. I was still undecided up until a few days before though. I’d heard people being told to vote in if they weren’t sure as this would mean nothing should change. I really didn’t expect to wake up to the news that Britain had left.

I didn’t have quite as much anger as many others on my Facebook who were outraged and sure that our country are going to be worse off now. There’s so little trust in this country and everyone seems to be out for themselves. I look around me when I take the train and see so many unhappy commuters. They may just be unhappy with the poor train service but maybe they’re thinking about immigration problems, or cuts to public services or how they only get paid minimum wage and struggle to make ends meet. It seems to be a very unhappy world where no one wants to voice an opinion or help the other out. `

It makes me slightly scared to grow up in a world where terrorism is becoming the norm and house prices are sky high. Lots is changing and lots more will change in a couple of years under new legislation. I can only hope that this will lead to a happier and more secure country with people who feel they have a voice and who will be confident with their vote.

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