Russell Howard

I’ve always thought being a comedian is harder than everyone assumes. The ability to stand in front of a huge crowd of people and deliver what you believe to be funny, jokes and anecdotes but also being able to come up with new material and improvise when needed. Well there’s a new kind of acting and Russell Howard made it look easy in his show- Wonderbox. 

  He looked entirely at ease on the stage as he began talking about Bournemouth (the venue of the show) and making the audience laugh at the weird things people enjoy doing there. I’ve noticed that comedians like to open by talking about the place they are playing in. It’s familiar for the audience and funny to recognise the stereotypes they have been surrounded with their whole life.   Another frequent topic, surprisingly was his mum who Russell talked of fondly but generated a lot of humour. His material was ruder than that of his programme “Russell Howard’s Good News” which I guess I was expecting but nevertheless it was still extremely funny and well done. He interacted with the audience well, although not on the level of another favourite of mine; Michael McIntyre who can involve the audience in every gag and laughs with them at his jokes (not as arrogant as it sounds.) Russell Howard delivered a brilliant 1hr 45 minute set which focused on friends, family and a boy in hospital. It was refreshing to see him do something so different to his TV show and is a must for his fans or just those who enjoy comedy like me and didn’t know much about him. Your cheeks will hurt from constant laughter.

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