Last Week Of Uni

That’s it, my first year of Uni is officially over! I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and now I get to have the longest summer of my life which I can’t wait for. I’m going to the Isle of Wight, Reading Festival and Malia, it’s going to be one hell of a summer 😀

It feels so good to get all my Uni work out of the way as it was beginning to get to the point where it was stressing me out. There was a lot to do and the deadlines just seemed to creep up on me all of a sudden but I made it and I was pleased with the work I’d done. A lot of people still have another week left but It’s nice to know that I can just relax now and focus on getting a job for over the summer so I can have some spending money for my holidays.

It was so nice to come back to Uni after the Easter break and although there have been some ups and downs, I have really enjoyed seeing everyone and making the most of Uni life.

Last Monday, we went to Cafe Parfait which I haven’t been to since Freshers. Although it was pretty dead to begin with, it turned out to be a really good night and they played some really good music. I also didn’t spend too much money for once haha but then again drinks were only £1.50 and they were doing free taxi service. Our taxi driver was watching Made in Chelsea on his phone :L

On Thursday, it was the student lock in which is always fun. We have a big shopping centre so it’s always got various things going on every year. Some people from TOWIE were there which didn’t interest me but a few of my friends queued for the meet and greet and looked round the clothing range. Captiol radio were also there and my friend won their competition which was a load of free sushi and perfume! We then had dinner in Ed’s Diner where I had a massive burger with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, chips and onion rings. So good! Finally, we hit the shops and I restrained myself by only buying one top in the sale for £7 which was in New Look. They had a DJ and it was actually like a night club in there which was cool.

Then Saturday, I went to Bella Italia with my flatmates for one of their birthdays which was really nice and I even liked the white wine we had even though I’m not a white wine person. After that some of us decided to go to Myth where we all drunk way too much especially after wine earlier but we stayed until closing time which is a sure sign it was a good night!


So that was the first week where it sounded like I spent way too much money and went out a lot. Well maybe I did but this week I really put my head done and spent literally every day working until my deadlines on Tuesday, Wednesday and tommorrow (which I have submitted early).Even though I’ve finished,  I plan to stay a bit later to apply for a job I’ve seen and most people haven’t finished Uni yet anyway so I can still see my friends.

I can’t believe I’m going to be moving out of halls in just under two months! It’s crazy. I’ve got way too much stuff to move so should be interesting…watch this space.

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