9 Days Left

It’s little over a week before I leave for University and it comes with a mixture of excitement and apprehension which I guess is normal. I have tried writing blogs before which haven’t really panned out but this time it just feels right (as cliché as that might sound) to track three years which are said to be the best years of your life. I can honestly say I have no idea what the future holds but it will be good to share it here and look back on as a memoir of my time at University.

I keep getting asked if I’m prepared and I say yes but the truth is no, I’m not! Looking over at the clutter of boxes lined up at the end of my bed, it assures me that I am at least a little bit prepared for the big move but it doesn’t seem enough to take away for a week let alone up until Christmas holidays (that’s right no October half term 🙁 ). Oh well, that isn’t including all my clothes which no doubt will take up most of the room.

To be honest, packing hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind although it seems to be all I’m thinking about now. I’ve been concentrating on having the best summer of my life before I have to leave my friends, family and boyfriend which is it too dramatic to say that it will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do? I will miss everyone a lot but they can come and visit; it’s more the cooking and cleaning I’m not looking forward to!

I haven’t really made much of an attempt to learn to cook which I am now regretting and I know how to work our washing machine but it probably wont be anything like the ones at Uni. Good start to being more independent haha but I’m hoping there will be others like me who have never taken much of an interest and are just pretty hopeless at these skills so we can all have a laugh over it together. One rule I am making though is to not rely on pot noodle for three years no matter how hungry I get.

The longest I’ve lived away from home was a week and that was around friends where I didn’t have to do the cooking or worry about cleaning.I hope I don’t get homesick but with all the events planned in the two weeks of freshers I’m not sure it’s possible. It really does look amazing and I have the freshers wristband so I can get in free to every event. I cannot wait to check out the clubs! What I could do without is the hangover the next morning but on the upside I guess it could be a good way to make friends!

Bring on student life!


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