Back To Sunny Seaford Pt 2…

So after completing that mammoth blog post a few days ago, I thought of a few other things that deserved a mention, although these won’t be in chronological order because well frankly it takes too much time to do that!

Anyway, one notable thing that I guess I should put first since I was told that he wanted a mention haha is meeting my boyfriend’s parents after Christmas. Probably one of the most nerve-wracking moments that most people go through is this and I was certainly no exception. I obviously wanted to make a good impression and hoped they’d like me because there’s nothing worse than not getting on with your boyfriend’s family but all went well and we went out to dinner at Prezzo which was very nice.

What else happened during my time at Uni? Oh yes…clumsy/clutsy Kerrie made a return! I managed to lock myself out of my room numerous times which always seemed to be at the worst moments when I was about to go out or in the middle of cooking dinner but hey ho! Also, I tried to get into the library with my keys for halls which is a new low for even me… I’m not really sure what else, oh yeah I burnt noodles in the microwave because I forgot to put water in with them! I left all my stuff in the shower over the Easter break and one of my flatmates had to keep it in their room for me! Awks. I fell up flights of stairs not only once but twice, left all my money and cards at home on a night out and had to get a taxi back in the pouring rain to get them… woops! I got stuck in a lift on Halloween which techincally wasn’t my fault, it was my drunk friends! Oh and I couldn’t hear what my friend was saying in Oceana so I leant forward and we headbutted each other in the club haha oh dear. That’s all that I can think of and I won’t say anymore otherwise, dear reader, it might lead you to believe that I am an idiot which I assure you I am not, I’m just rather clumsy.

Another thing worth mentioning that positions me in a slightly better light is how much my cooking has improved. From burning noodles, pans and literally every food I tried to make at first, I ended up making casseroles, spagetti bolognase, vegetable pastas, chicken dishes and enchaladas which I was very proud of! My mission next term is to make a shepherds pie and a roast dinner so to all those who laughed, teased and called me ‘pizza queen’ during freshers, I am sure you are a tiny bit proud of how much I’ve come along since the start where I was scared to even cook chicken!

I’m trying to think if I’ve taught anybody anything myself at University or whether it’s been a massive learning curve for just me. I guess I might have forced my music tastes upon some people for which I’m very sorry since I have admitted I am a music snob! I might have taught my friends a few things about relationships along the way since I seem to be the go to girl for advice (haha!) for which I am honoured by the way 🙂 I like to think I have taught people to be accepting of others since I can be a bit too open and see the good in everyone which isn’t always a good thing.

One thing which probably isn’t that interesting is that I’ve watched way too much TV since being at Uni. We have a common room which deserves a mention since it holds a lot of good memories for me and I can say that I will miss it. So I’d watch TV daily there to unwind with one of my friends or take my laptop down and ‘work’. Also, they have a pool table, table tennis, air hockey and table football, all of which I suck at unfortunately and have barely improved over the past few months. I reckon half the building took glee in challenging me at one of those games just so they could beat me… not naming any names 😉 I was introduced to the comedian Russell Howard in the common room (not in real life but on the TV obvs!) and went to see him in February which was so good. One of my flatmates had a massive TV as well which was great as a few of us would spend the evening in there watching films or a load of rubbish on BBC 3 although we are all very sad to see it shut down! 🙁

One of the most important things about University though which I kind of touched on in my last post, is the amount I have learnt. Not only in lectures and seminars, where actually I haven’t learnt as much as I expected but during my time at halls and being around other people have I learnt how to deal with just about anything and had the best advice from those closest to me. I will not forget anything from this first year and can only hope that my next two years will be just as good and that I will end up where I want to be by the end of it 🙂



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