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So I am finally home after a hectic 3 last weeks of Uni before I broke up for summer. It feels weird to say I’ve finished my first year of University and that I will have my own house next year. It also feels damn good! Getting home was the best feeling in the world and knowing I could just relax and have other people do things such as cooking and cleaning was just bliss.

So I thought I might dedicate this post as a look back over my first year at Uni and the memories I have made. I have not only met some incredible people but experienced so many new things that only Uni can bring. I truly cannot wait for the next two years (even if that sounds sappy!) to meet more new people and experience a whole new hoard of things. There are going to be people whom I will sorely miss and really hope we can keep in contact because Uni becomes like your second home and the people there, your second family. So here’s to my first year at uni, let’s make the next one even better!

It all started a week before uni when I decided to create this blog and write down everything that happened to me throughout my time at University. Although I didn’t keep it up regularly I made a number of posts about things I thought were memorable.


The first thing I remember was packing up the car and driving down to Southampton, feeling a bit sick to be honest but really excited at the same time.


So I arrived in Southampton to Chantry Halls where I was to spend the next 8 months and meet a whole lot of new people and just learn to fend for myself which I assured my parents I’d be fine with. It took a while to unpack everything but soon everything was unpacked and my room was all set up.

As you can see the rooms are tiny! However, I moved my bed length ways mid way through the year which gave me more room. I don’t remember a lot about the first week to be honest but I remember thinking how nice and sociable everyone was on our corridor which gave me no time to think about missing home. It then came to dinner time and I was faced with the harsh reality of trying to find something easy to cook since I’m ashamed to admit I had never cooked for myself in my life before moving away to uni! Pasta is was and I even had to ask someone how much water to put in the pan and how long for… ah dear! :L

It was also the first night that I went out in the city which was interesting. We had some pre drinks, I had my trusty bottle of wine from my auntie and uncle whilst playing Ring of Fire and then we went to one of my flatmates friend’s houses for a house party. It wasn’t a particularly good party so we all left after about 20 minutes and went to Bedford Place which is like a plaza full of clubs. We went in Orange Rooms which I remember really enjoying and a few others I think.


Other days during that first week included introducing myself to various people on my corridor. I never seemed to venture much further than that since it was 46 people to a corridor! I made a lot of friends in those first few weeks and we enjoyed going out a lot since it was freshers and we all had the freshers bands. One of the best nights had to be Freshers Ball which was the biggest event (trust me to like that one the most!) at Oceana and had a fairground out the back! I went on one ride which after a few drinks made me want to throw up and went in the silent disco which was a room where everyone had headphones and could listen to the same music while the rest of the room was silent. Brilliant idea!

After two weeks of partying and settling in, reality hit that we were all going to have to actually start lectures! The first weeks consisted of introductory exercises and meeting our course mates which was really nice. We also had a trip to London around the galleries which was good. I still preferred coming back to halls though where there were so many people to talk to and share stories about uni with. I never realised how lucky I was to have such a sociable corridor since some of my course mates hadn’t made as many friends. However, it did start to grate on me and the noise was a lot to deal with which made me tired and moody. There was also the fact that I was feeling a bit homesick amongst all the other things I had to deal with, I just wanted to come home 🙁

My flatmates did their best to cheer me up though. I got shown round town and to the train station which was helpful, I explored round the city and got lost numerous times, went shopping, ate out at Ed’s Diner and Nando’s and went out clubbing. How could I feel homesick when all that was going on?


Then it got to Halloween and everyone went mental, literally. There was an event which we all bought wristbands for to get us into all the clubs and then there was the dilemma as what to dress up as. In the end I decided on a zombie pirate even though people kept saying I looked like Where’s Wallie? -.- That was also the night we all got stuck in a lift for over an hour which was horrible and no one was helping us. It only made it worse that it was Halloween! When we did eventually get out no one was really in a good mood but we went out anyway and it was so busy that we didn’t actually get in any of the clubs anyway. The only good thing to come of the night was Mcdonalds and making friends with one of my good friends who I class to be one of my best friends to this day.


It was soon November and I’d been at Uni for 3 months. I couldn’t believe how quick it had gone! So much had happened and it was only going to get a lot more interesting. After coming out of a relationship just before I started Uni, I wasn’t really looking for anything but one night me and a friend went to a club and some people from our building were there too. We decided to hang around with them to save it just being the two of us and well one of them asked if I’d like a drink, so surprised, I said yes. I knew him from the common room but never thought he was actually interested in me. There is an unwritten rule at Uni not to get with anyone living in your building so I presumed it was just a one night thing but we are still going out to this day so I guess not 🙂


Shortly after that night we broke up for Christmas which was a relief because it seemed like everyone needed a break. It was good to catch up with family and friends even though I spent a great deal of time stressing over uni work!


The time seemed to go so quick and before I knew it I was back at Uni. It was so nice to see everyone again and get back into the routine of lectures. Although, they do know how to pile on the work like pros! Literally just as we’d given in the first load of work, another lot was piled on 🙁 I was starting to settle in and enjoy myself more though and get closer to my flatmates. Dominos nights and music in the kitchen became a regular occurrence!

Before too long it was my birthday which seemed strange since it was to be the first one I’d had away from home with my family and friends. However, it was just as good and I was spoilt as usual with numerous cards, presents and dinner at Bella Italia with my boyfriend. A couple of my friends from home came down too which was brilliant and we stayed in a hotel.

As you are probably starting to tell, I’ve many nights out in Southampton and here are a few of my favourite ones..




And that’s just a few of the memories I have from Uni so far. I have met so many people and been on so many good nights out that it would take too many blog posts to write about. Not only the nights out have been good though. the 3 weeks before the end of term were great which I have talked about in a previous post but overall, I just can’t wait for the next year and it will be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life! 🙂 I love you all…

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