Easter Break

So, as usual it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog but I felt it was time I informed people of how my uni life is going. I am just coming to the end of my 3 week break for Easter which I spent at home seeing family and friends from my home town which was really nice. My boyfriend also came down for a few days too which was nice.

Although it is coming to an end, it has been a nice, much needed break where I have actually managed to do a lot of my uni work. The last big break I had from uni was at Christmas and all I can remember from that break was constantly stressing about the work I had to do instead of enjoying myself. However, this time I was much more laid back about it all, mostly because I had done a lot of it before we broke up for Easter. We learn a lot from mistakes we make and I tried to be a lot calmer and can do about it all to avoid the stress.

Also, making numerous cups of tea to aid the work process really helped. It’s really easy to sit down with a nice cup of tea and work on an essay or feature than it is to just isolate yourself and make yourself do it. Just putting on music in the background makes it a hell of a lot easier to concentrate. I also allow myself Facebook breaks and it lets me ask others about the assignments and let them read what I’ve written for feedback so in a way social networking can actually benefit your work! Another good thing I have found to help me is to set myself realistic targets. I know this may seem obvious but it gives yourself something to work towards and you can reward yourself with treats afterwards. Whether that be a Facebook break or eating a whole Easter egg like I did ( not recommended!)

So that was the work aspect of things but I also had a really nice Easter break catching up with an old friend from college who’s now at one of the top universities in the country. Comparing experiences is always something I like to do with people from other universities to see what their lectures and general lives are like compared to mine. I met one guy who goes to the rival uni to mine which was interesting as each of us claimed our uni was the best! However, we found we each went to the same sorts of places around the city and enjoyed our life there.


Photo: Like the worst photo of me but going to miss this pup when I go back to uni tomorrow :(

A great aspect about coming home was seeing my family again. Although I have been home at weekends many a time, it just isn’t the same as three weeks off. It is kind of strange to have to adapt to living with my mum and sister again after being surrounded by students every day but it was nice to come home to the peace and quiet and home cooked dinners! There was also a new addition to the family; Fred. He is an 8 week (now 9 week) old, black Labrador pup who is adorable! He is cross with a collie and is already getting bigger. He has settled in very well and chews everything in sight! He is very playful and it’s so cute when he curls up on your lap and falls asleep. I’m going to miss him when I go back to uni.

It was also so good to see my friends from home too. We’ve had numerous nights out which have been great with the last one being tonight. A few of my friends are at uni so it’s good to hear about their experiences and the rest are in full time work. Whenever I come back it’s as if nothing has changed which is nice and I hope it will always remain that way. Our meal at Prezzo on Wednesday was definitely a highlight and I am very much looking forward to our holiday together at the end of the summer!

Now, it will be time to pack to go back to Southampton which I am looking forward to. It seems like quite a while since I have seen my flatmates and course mates so we have a lot to catch up on. The student loan is due to come in too which as I’m sure you can tell, I’m excited about too. There will be deadlines to meet but I feel confident that I can meet them as I am on top of my work load for once. I look forward to a busy last two weeks of uni before I break up for summer! 🙂

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