First Week Back

I’ll try my best not to make this a blog where I rant about Uni work, can’t promise anything though. It’s all just about done now and handed in until the next load is piled on. I’ve literally spent most of the week doing that since my timetable hasn’t started properly and I’ve barely been at Uni. It will be the same next week really except we get some feedback on assignments (agh!) not sure how well I’ve done at all.

There was a welcome back party on Monday night at one of the clubs which was pretty good considering it was at the small club down the road which normally isn’t very good. We managed to sneak into VIP too which really isn’t that exciting since it’s just somewhere to sit but there we go. It was packed and literally our whole floor went out which was cool but the queue for drinks was so long that I seemed to spent a lot of the night there. Also one of the bar guys was new and didn’t know what he was doing. Not the best idea to put him on for their busiest night of students.

Made a last minute decision to go out on Wednesday which was also quite a good night except the fact I forgot my bank card, ID and student card. So I had to re order a taxi and luckily one of my friends came back with me while I legged it back upstairs and the taxi waited outside. Lesson learnt for this week: you won’t be able to get in a club without them so don’t be a clutz and have to pay extra for a taxi to go back and get them! It’s just embarrassing.

The week ended with a flat party that I was going to join in with but I was so tired in the end that I just went to see my boyfriend. It was a crazy party, so many people turned up they could barely fit in the corridor. Came back this morning to a guy passed out in the corridor, sick in the kitchen sink and empty cans all over the floor.That wasn’t the worst of it.

Good week overall, next week it is my mission to get a job.

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