Food and Freshers

This week I started lectures which are quite full on but interesting. There aren’t many of them but a lot of it is for independent study (I have work already). We have lectures, seminars and IT sessions.The lectures are in lecture theatres, the seminars in classrooms and IT in computer rooms. I’m even getting the hang of the macs which I thought would be really hard to use but aren’t actually that different to my laptop. We have to use software called In Design though to create magazines which I haven’t used before.

In my breaks at uni we always seem to end up in the food dock. I’ve already had curly fries, jacket potato, pizza and lasagne and veg. I never realised how much of my money was going on food; I can see why people use the phrase student budget now. I’ve also been to a restaurant in West Quay called Ed’s diner which was all old fashioned American style and played music from the 60s. I had an amazing burger with cheese and bacon.



West Quay also has some good shops and we went to the student lock in the other night which was fun but packed. There was so much going on like Capital FM hosting a music quiz, TOWIE actors signing books and free pretzels (so good). I bought a few tops as well and got some good discounts. I went again today but need to stop spending money before I run out!

Last night we went to a really good club called Myth. At first it wasn’t very busy but as it got later more people were there and the music was good too. They played Artic Monkeys, The Killers, Vampire Weekend and even some older ones like Stevie Wonder and Queen. It made a change from Oceana where we seem to go a lot but I did see Pendulum do a DJ set there on Thursday which was cool. It’s also the freshers ball tomorrow which is the last event of freshers. It’s a dressier event which people are saying is more formal with smart dresses and suits. There are even fairground rides (should be interesting in dresses!) and Sub Focus and Loveable Rogues are playing so should be a good night.

On a more random note, I thought I’d take a picture of my small but comfortable room for people to see. (I even hoovered and tidied it earlier)


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